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Zetas Flood Tamaulipas wIth Narcomantas

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September 19, 2013  


On Wednesday, narcomantas (narco message banners) flooded various parts of Tamaulipas, signed by ” Los Zetas ” and directed against the Cartel del Golfo (CDG) and the government.
Mantas displayed at the municipalities of San Fernando, and Mante, in front of the IMSS (Mexican Social Security Institute-public health facilities). An OXXO cooler was found and it is visible in the photos, a couple of black bags were also found, their contents unknown.
However, OXXO foam ice coolers are notoriously known to contain decapitated heads when accompanying mantas, and plastic black bags often contain dismembered body parts.
Other cities where mantas were discovered were; Ciudad Victoria, Ciudad Mante and Llera.
Additionally, two narco banners were discovered in the city of Valle Hermoso, one at the entry of the Public Prosecutor’s office, the message accuses the government of being in collusion with the CDG.

The text content of the narco banners is not very readable, but I was able to access the screen shots of the text from RedGrillo. (see below)

It is directed at the Secretary of Public Security, Rafael Lomeli Martinez, (at left) as the narco banner has the name ( LOMELI ) and it says, the most evil ones (of the cartel) are those of the government .

The text reads in part:
” LOMELI is a member of the GULF CARTEL that’s why he hates the other groups, there is no greater organized crime group, than the government itself, Lomeli is a good example of that and he doesn’t want others around.
Remember what you sow is what you reap-your connection to organized crime is the command of the federal forces in Ciudad Victoria, Lomeli, you are working for the wrong people, you know that better than anyone.
Someone will be arrested and they will betray you. You want to eradicate organized crime? Organized crime is within government.
Keep on driving on armor vehicles, someday you will have your guard down and then you will reap what you sow.
We have nothing to lose in this game. Look around and see where it is calmer, and who kidnaps and who doesn’t.
Matamoros and Reynosa…. how much are they paying you?”
One million?
We’ll give you two-if you go fuck yourself.”


Here is full text






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