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September 1, 2013  


 Martín Vaquera Huerta, president of Comercializadora Zacatecana de Frijol, was kidnapped by a group of around 8 armed men in the early hours of Monday (August 26th). A group of armed subjects, allegedly members of CDG according to local rumors, entered his home in the community of Boquillas de Abajo, municipality of Cañitas de Felipe Pescador, and took him by force.

He was released on Wednesday, although the State attorney didn’t announce it until Saturday 31st via twitter “Martín Vaquera free and unharmed, he says he managed to escape from his kidnappers”. [something that no one believes]
Some press sources had reported that the kidnappers asked a ransom of 2.5 million pesos.

Two men found executed and calcined inside a truck in Atolinga.
The charred bodies of two men were located in the interior of a burned truck that was abandoned outside the town.
The macabre discovery was made on Monday late evening, August 26, and so far the two victims have not been identified, so they remain as unknown in the forensic medical service (SEMEFO) in Tlaltenango.
Residents of this town detected the burned vehicle on the dirt road that leads to Agua Zarca near the junction with the State road, so they gave notice to the authorities through the emergency services.
In the evening elements of different police corporations got to the site and found a Dodge Caravan van, with plates of Zacatecas, which was also burnt.
Reviewing it, inside they found the bodies of two men, who were completely burned.
For this reason, they required the presence of the public prosecutor’s Office, who gave witness of the incident.
This is in the South West part of the State; the struggle in that area is more between zetas and CDS


Operative of the State Police in Santa Mónica, Guadalupe, after the finding of a man executed
On Thursday night, August 29th, the State police carried on an operative in the community of Santa Mónica, municipality of Guadalupe, an anonymous call to the emergency system warned about 2 dead bodies and apparently that´s what got the whole operative started.
Only one body was found though, past midnight the police found a man who had been executed and a message left by him, the body was found on a dirt road by a junkyard and had been shot twice, in the head and in the neck, 8 AK 47 shells were found in the spot.
Initially there was no information about the message other than it was signed by one cartel and the content included a warning to members of another cartel, later on some news sources have reported that the message was signed by “Z19”. The victim, a man, around 25 years old, has not been identified.
On that same night Three “halcones” were arrested at 2AM. Two of them minors, the youngsters, two men and one woman, refused to stop at a police checkpoint in the outskirts of Guadalupe, in Bonito Pueblo, near a grupero nightclub. The trio were finally stopped by the Santa Mónica gas station. They were travelling in a car with fake car plates which had been reported as stolen.
Though they were not armed, in the car was discovered the following equipment; binoculars, “ponchallantas,” [tire puncture spikes in foto below cap] several nextel radios as well as batteries. [usual halcones gear]

Also that same night the authorities detected suspicious subjects aboard several trucks and a chase took place, also some shootings were reported by locals, one of the trucks crashed near Zoquite and was abandoned there, inside the truck the authorities found weapons and apocryphal clothing with logos of the Ministerial police

Just 12 hours later, on Friday afternoon, after several locals reported on social media about shootings in different colonias in Guadalupe, a car was found abandoned and riddled with bullets by the road exit to get to Santa Mónica, in front of a business that sells used tires that had bullet holes in the door and windows.
It´s worth mentioning, that Santa Mónica is a very small community with a population of less than 1,000 residents.
State police attacked in Villa de Cos
A group of armed men attacked State police officers at the entrance of the town on Friday 30th at 9 pm. The result was an alleged criminal injured and a long gun and a van were seized by the authorities.The assault began by the gas station located at the junction of the highway 54, Zacatecas-Saltillo, and continued to the entrance to the urban area of the municipal seat.
The elements of the State preventive police (PEP), commissioned to the Regional Unit of security (UNIRSE) of Villa de Cos, and were performing a tour of surveillance.
The attackers were three subjects, of which two managed to escape, while the man who was injured by a firearm impact was identified as Nis Rodríguez López, 37 years old and was taken to the Regional Hospital.
Two dead, one municipal police and one suspected criminal, and two injured after shootout in Martínez Domínguez, Guadalupe.
With an unofficial toll of two dead people and two injured by gunshots, ended this Saturday night a scuffle in the community of Martínez Domínguez, belonging to the municipality of Guadalupe, Zacatecas
According to the first official report, members of the Municipal police of Guadalupe responded to an emergency call, at around 9.30 pm, while arriving to Juárez Street in the cited community they were shot by unknown criminals.
After the first attack, the uniformed managed to call for reinforcements but, unfortunately, one of them had already been killed.
Members of the metropolitan police were the first to arrive to give support, preventive State as well as the Mexican army forces got there later when the whole thing was over.
After the shootout, and after a short persecution, one dead assailant was dead, while another two policemen, apparently one metropolitan and the other Municipal of Guadalupe, were wounded from gunshots.
Both were transferred to a hospital in the city of Zacatecas to receive medical attention, there´s no further information about their situation.
Martínez Domínguez is a community of the Guadalupe municipality located just outside Guadalupe on the East, same direction to get to Santa Mónica which is just a few miles away.


Shootout in Fresnillo on Saturday night, two executed

Zac:The local press has not reported anything, not a word from the authorities either so far, so I´m gonna go with what was reported in the testigo nocturno facebook site, given that they have always been reliable and they have plenty of images to support their report. [Chivis note: I conducted images searches and the images are new-never been published prior by any source, public or private]

The first reports were made just before 1 am, on Sunday, warning about a shootout in the colonia Luís Donaldo Colosio, in Fresnillo, which was confirmed by different people.
This is the report about the couple in the images:
“At 12:50 on Saturday night it was reported that in the streets Reforma Agraria and Congreso del Estado there was a vehicle with two people looking “asleep” and when units arrived they realized they were dead, the man was Osvaldo Avila, 35 years old, who lived in Barrio Alto, Jardín street #10.
The woman who was by his side bore the name of Cristina Carrillo Castorena, 39 years old domiciled at Juan Álvarez #10 in Col. Emiliano Zapata, she was an official of public security in Fresnillo. She was identified by the official Oscar Palacios de la Torre… After many reports the citizens made through our Zello channel, where we received reports of strong detonations and panic was sown by this area in the colonias Luis Donaldo Colosio, Obrera and Arboledas, this is the result of those blasts that were heard.”
Lastly, a shootout between criminals reported this afternoon at 5.30 pm around the same area.
Sources used to write this post: Las Noticiero el Circo-Zacotecas online-Twitter/Arturo Nahle-AccesoZac-Zacatecas Hoy-FB Zello Testigo Nocturno B15

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