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Bar Heaven: Suspect Reveals the Tepito 13 Were Decapitated Alive

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September 18, 2013  

The 13 bodies were found on this ranch, all had been killed
by decapitation and buried in shallow graves and covered with lime


Pedro Francisco Paz Lopez, “El Mariguano”(stoner/pothead), one of the last narcomenudistas from Zona Rosa arrested by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) for his alleged involvement in the death of 13 Tepiteños kidnapped from Bar Heaven on May 26th, has given information to the PGJDF as to how the bodies were disposed.


In his ministerial statement, the alleged offender belonging to the criminal organization of La Union, said that the Tepito youth were killed immediately after they were kidnapped from the Bar Heaven.


According to Stoner and Pancho Pulgas (Fleas), he was responsible for the beheading with a hacksaw, one of the victims after being ordered by Joel Rodriguez Javier Fuentes, “El Javi”, his supervisor.


At the Rancho La Negra Tlalmanalco, in the State of Mexico, Javi, the plaza chief of La Union Plaza Zona Rosa, and who remains at large, ordered Stoner to stay in the first chained access which is about 500 meters from the main entrance. He was ordered to monitor whether any police arrived.


Stoner remained parked for two hours until a message came across his radio from Javi, who said “Stop playing and come help dude.”


When Stoner entered the ranch, he ran into a row of 12 bodies of young people who he had helped kidnap hours before. Only one was alive, “a chubby one, he was crying” his hands were tied. He did not know the name of the young man; he just noted he was “chubby.”


Stoner says he then followed, El Javi and another subject who he identifies as Antuán, who ordered his murder. They handed him a hacksaw and asked him behead him (Chubby) and he did, he confessed in his statement.


According to Paz López, El Javi, who is in his early 30’s, and whose photograph was released last Tuesday, was who led the kidnapping of the young people.


Stoner is the first of those arrested in the case Heaven acknowledging their participation in the kidnapping and murder of the Tepiteños.


It is not known if Stoner participated in other murders but as revealed to the authorities, he occasionally participated in beatings and kidnappings, sold cocaine and psychotropic pills and therefore received between three thousand and four thousand pesos a week.


Paz Lopez was arrested last week at a bar blocks from Heaven, in the Zona Rosa and is now waiting to be processed, in the center of the PGJDF ,like Jonathan Robles Gonzalez, “The Jonhy”, and Fernando Fernandez Sanchez, “The Fish”, also alleged perpetrators of the multiple murders.


The three were arrested last week by members of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) a few blocks from Heaven, and they were delivered on Thursday September 12th to the Attorney General of the Federal District (PGJDF) who is handling the case.
Miguel Angel Mancera, the head of government of the Federal District, announced that there are still additional suspects to capture.


“What are we missing? We still have other suspects that are likely responsible, they are working on their locations, obviously, to be apprehended and submitted to the authority.


“With that the case of Bar Heaven, is closed?” asked a reporter.


“Well no, because the process is still a criminal process and will still take some time” he said in interview for MVS News first broadcast.


The abduction and murder of 13 young subtracted from the bar Heaven, on May 26, the city authorities have processed six people and seven more are detained, waiting for the defining of their legal status..
On Sunday August 25 Criminal Judge issued a formal arrest Aiza Jose de Jesus Carmona, 32, and Ricardo Antonio Méndez Muñoz, “The Fly”, 29, allegedly responsible for the crime of aggravated kidnapping.
According to witnesses, The Fly was seen in the vicinity of Heaven, the day of the disappearance of the young.

Both are being held in the prison of Santa Martha, like Ernesto Espinosa Lobo, “the Wolf”, and Mario Alberto Rodriguez Ledesma, Heaven partners and Ilizaliturri Gabriel Carrasco, head of security at the bar, Henonet Estuard and Andres Gonzalez, who served as a driver.

Also, is still serving a restriction order is Victor Manuel Aguilera García, who revealed the location of the clandestine grave in which were found the bodies of 13 young persons kidnapped in Bar Heaven.

Update: Today police officer Edgar Ernesto Gutiérrez Vera was arrested suspected of being involved in the Bar Heaven kidnappings. The officer had been with Ministry of Public Security of the Federal District for six years.

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LibrePrensa-Thanks Texcoco for the PGR foto



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