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Alleged Zetas drug cartel associates sold $2 million worth of Methamphetamine to undercover Fairfax County officers

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September 19, 2012

Two men with possible connections to the Mexican Zetas drug cartel are facing charges for allegedly selling more than $2 million worth of methamphetamine to undercover officers, the Fairfax County police said.

Marcos Caballero-Moreno, 54, of no fixed address, and Juan Alfredo Sanchez Velasquez, 39, of no fixed address, were arrested after shipping large quantities of the drug by mail and delivering it in person to the officers over several months, police said. The also allegedly gave the officers samples of pure cocaine.

In addition, the men allegedly conspired to sell the officers methamphetamine worth $8.5 million on a monthly basis and $1.4 million in cocaine on a regular basis, police said.

The sting began in May when undercover officers started communicating with the men via e-mail, police said. At their last meeting with the officers Aug. 26, the suspects were arrested by local and federal officers in Los Angeles.

The men are facing charges of distributing methamphetamine and cocaine, money laundering and transporting drugs into Virginia. The men are being held in Los Angeles, pending extradition to Fairfax County.




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