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Decapitated in Coyuca de Benitéz

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September 18, 2013



Authorities were alerted by an anonymous call to 066 that “La Limpiadora” left a head in the pueblo of San Isidro in the municipality of Coyuca de Benitéz. Police hustled to the location to confirm the information as well as bring the matter to the public prosecutor. Once on the scene was secured, the police corroborated the information, and reported the matter to the public prosecutor of Coyuca de Benitéz






The text on the poster read:

This happened to me for being a selfish jerk
Attn: La Maruca, business enterprise management: La Limpiadora (The Cleaner)

The prosecutor ordered the officers to immediately search around the vicinity and locate the the body, but they couldn’t find it. The head was sent without body to Acapulco’s Medical Examiner with hopeful expectations that someone would provide identifying information leading to resolution of this crime.

Source: Alarma



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