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6 die in southern Chihuahua

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September 17, 2013
A total of six individuals were murdered or were found dead in southern Chihuahua state municipalities since last last Thursday, according to Mexican news accounts.

According to a news report posted on the online edition of El Diario de Juarez news daily, two men were found dead in a remote location in Guadalupe y Calvo municipality. The cause of death is aid to be mechanical asphyxiation.

The victims were identified as Ivan Gerardo Moreno Gutierrez, 32, and Elizander Bejarano Martinez, 18. They were found aboard a Chevrolet sedan by Guadalupe y Calvo municipal police agents Monday near the village of Turuachi which is between Parral and Guadalupe y Calvo.

Meanwhile in Chinipas municipality in far southwestern Chihuahua state, two men were found shot to death, according to a separate news account in El Diario de Juarez.

The victims were identified as Jacobo Alanis Mancinasm, 36 and Mauricio Bustillos Hernandez, 31s. Both men were found aboard a pickup truck. One .45 caliber pistol with two magazines were also found with the victims.

In Jimenez municipality, after five days without a murder, one unidentified man was found shot to death near a gas station on Calle Guadalupe Victoria. The news report said he was shot by an armed suspect traveling aboard a vehicle.

The killing is said to be the first after a 12 hour run five days ago in which three individuals were murdered.

In Creel in Bocoyna municipality, Pedro Gonzalez Vecinito, 30 was found beaten to death Tuesday. Reports say he was attacked by several people.

In Parral, an auto body shop owner was kidnapped Tuesday, according to an online report posted in El Diario de Juarez. The report said several armed suspects dismounted three vehicles and ordered employees to lay down, then took the victim at his shop near the intersection of calles Persimonio and Arroyo Hondo in Juarez colony.



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