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Zacatecas News Weekly Roundup

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September 16, 2013



September 6th


Two sicarios had been arrested also in Fresnillo after a chase with shootings where no one resulted harmed.


Later that same night, at around 1.30-2 am already (Sunday), yet another shootout in Fresnillo, I haven´t found anything in the press but plenty of reports from locals of shootings in the colonias Obrera, Emiliano Zapata and Lomas de Plateros, citizen reports of one person laying on the ground too, I imagine later picked up by his narco pals as usual.
Out of crime scene flags, rocks and beer bottles mark areas of bullet casings



Note: SEMAR personnel stationed in Fresnillo for the past year had just left days before this happened, violence rose immediately afterwards and now supposedly the local and State government are negotiating their return.


Also that same afternoon there was a shootout in Guadalupe between 4:30 and 5 pm, again nothing on the press, but plenty of reports from social media plus 2 friends of mine heard it, apparently it was 3 trucks chasing each other and shooting. And again at around midnight more shootings were heard in Guadalupe.

Saturday September 7th

Fresnillo Shootout


A shootout in Fresnillo the middle of the day, between 13.30 and 14.00, 1 dead, 4 injured in the Colonia Emiliano Zapata. This was during the weekly street market; therefore it was quite crowded at the time the shootout commenced.


The dead man, Miguel Angel Domínguez, “el Magal”, is said to be a member of the zetas, working for them as drug seller, who had already been threatened by members of the CDG previously. There were 2 men injured, who were with el Magal, along with a woman and a 16 year old girl who were innocent bystanders who were caught in the middle of the shootout.
Sunday September 8th
Reports of strong shootings in the community of el Alto, Fresnillo in the early evening – nothing on the press, reported through Testigo Nocturno.
Monday September 9th
A man was found executed in Guadalupe, the body of Abraham López Juárez, 19, was found at 6 am on the railway trucks, he had been beaten and shot at least 15 times.
A few hours earlier another man had been found hanged from a tree in the community of San José de Llanetes, Valparaíso municipality. The body presented signs of torture and a narco message signed by CDG was left with him, contents of the message have not been disclosed.
Later that day at around 5:30 pm more shootings in Fresnillo, this time right in the city center, Luis Alberto Alvarez Camacho, 27, and a 13 year old identified only as Jorge Alberto “N” were injured when 2 armed subjects in a white pickup truck approached their car, shot them and fled.
More reports of shootings in Fresnillo in one of the main avenues later that night at around 9 pm, later past 11 pm the local chief of “protección civil” sends a message through social media asking people to stay home due to chases and shootings in different parts of the city…nothing on press.

Tuesday September 10th:
A couple was executed in Guadalupe
The bodies of a young couple were found early in the morning in front of the offices of the newspaper Imagen. At around 5:30 am a call to the emergency system reported shootings in the area, when the authorities arrived they found the dead couple who had signs of torture, their faces covered with duct tape and they had been shot several times, with them there were 3 messages signed by los Zetas, contents not revealed.
Personal information of the couple was reported days later; as a 15 year old male whose name was not revealed and 16 year old girl who was allegedly a prostitute.
Wednesday September 11th
Narco banner flood begins
-I told Zac that I counted at least 40 mantas, he affirms at least that number saying 7 in Fresnillo alone, he thinks the number is 50-60 or even higher.-
“To all the citizenship in general, the Gulf Cartel thanks you for the support given in this war that still doesn´t end but we´ll stay firm in it sacrificing the tranquility of what is most sacred and valuable, our families, to become warriors and give the state tranquility finishing with this cancer that damaged everything for years, all Zacatecas and all the governments, federal, state, municipal, we reiterate our respect because you have also been harmed by these lacras who are the ZZZ . We reiterate as well that we are not here to put ourselves above any authority and much less disrespect you, your safety or family, on the contrary, we understand your job and we respect your integrity, we know what our task is in this project, the responsibility we have just like you have the responsibility to watch for the people, that´s why we come to take a place that doesn´t belong to us within the government, impose authority more than defending the people from the zetas, you are the authority, we are only here to support in this war with our part. All the respect for you, government, and sacred family that we all are from Zacatecas in these ranks, the ZZZ left families and left children withour parents and parents without children harming our state psychologically, physically and economically, this is the truth, and you, members of the ZZZ, you don´t intimidate us at all, the gulf cartel is firm and ready to fight as many times as needed, we are ready as many times as you want, Zacatecas belongs to its people and the CDG defends the state, sincerely, CDG.
I translated first the manta in Guadalupe and later found the one in Cañitas and others that appeared the following days and added the beginning of the manta that is unreadable in photos.
More messages reported in 22 municipalities in total, at least 6 mantas in Fresnillo alone and others in Guadalupe, Zacatecas, Jerez, etc…, as usual there was no official information of the contents but unofficially the press published the messages, which announced imminent confrontations between cartels and were a response to messages the zetas had left with executed bodies (those left by the newspaper Imagen)
And to another left by the zetas in Fresnillo recently that had not been reported (there had been rumors of a hanged body in the Puente de Plateros in Fresnillo the day before, might be that, but I haven´t found enough information to confirm it was true)
Later that night big shootout in Trancoso, near Guadalupe, at 10:30 pm elements of the preventive state police went there after a call to the emergency system had reported shootings and presence of armed people in that town. Upon arrival the policemen were attacked and 4 of the attackers were killed, no one was arrested, later more elements of the UNIRSE joined the operative to try to find the attackers but with no results.
The 4 dead were later identified: Manuel Palmas Orozco from Durango, 20, Erik Manuel Castro Bautista from Santiago Papasquiaro, Durango, Johnny Sánchez Salas from Zacatecas, 23, and David Bernal Raudales from Trancoso, 41.
Sources: Zacatecas Hoy-ImagenZac-ZacatecasOnLine-FaceBook-NTEZacatecas

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