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CDG Flood Zacatecas With Narcomantas; “Our Work is Not Done”

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September 15, 2013

For at least two days, Cartel del Golfo, “CDG” sent out messages to the people of Zacatecas by way of narco mantas, more than 40 mantas in 22 cities, the theme of the message was an apology to the people and reporting that their work was not done. This is a typical text from the mantas translated into English:

“We thank you for the support you have given us in this war, which is not yet done and we remain in it, sacrificing peace of the most valuable and sacred which is our family, to become warriors so we can give peace to the state, and end all this destruction that has lasted for years in our beautiful Zacatecas.
To all the federal, state and municipal government, we reiterate our respect, because you have also suffered damage from these scourges (Zetas). At the same time, we reiterate that we didn’t come to be above any authority, much less to disrespect your integrity or your families.


On the contrary, we understand your job and respect it. We know what is our task in this operation, the responsibility that we have, as well as yours which is to watch over our towns. That is why we are not coming to take places that are not for us inside the government, or to place any authority.
Our respect is for you, the government and your sacred family, which are from Zacatecas where Zetas left children without parents, and left our state psychologically, physically and financially damaged.
That is reality and to the members of the Zetas, we tell you that we are not going to limit ourselves in any way, The GOLFO CARTEL is strong to fight any time you want, we are ready. Whenever you want, we are waiting for you Zetas. Gulf Cartel are strong for anything.”
Atte: Gulf Cartel




Sources used to compose this post: ZacatecasHoy & Facebook

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