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Two Arrested Attempting to Bribe Judge in Zetas Money Laundering Case

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September 6, 2013

Judge Sparks was to use code word “Golf” from the bench Cessa’s Son and  Partner Attempt to Bribe Judge with 1M 


Two were arrested yesterday afternoon during the press conference for attempting to bribe the judge. The amount was between 1 million and 1.2 million. The judge was never privy to the investigation and the affidavit was sealed. 


The two people were arrested by federal officials (FBI) yesterday afternoon in a parking area near the Austin courthouse .

Detained were Francisco Colorado Cessa’s son- Francisco Colorado Cessa Jr. a University student and and Colorado Cessa’s partner at ADT Petrol Servicios, Ramon Segura. Segura was the first witness on the stand yesterday, the day of Colorado Cessa’s sentencing. Segura co-founding member of ADT Petrol Servicios, who was so righteous yesterday about their company


This has been an ongoing investigation since mid-August 2013 and continued until Sept. 4 as the penalty phase was in motion. Calls were monitored at the jail between son Colorado Cessa Jr. and his father and later between Segura and Cessa.. Agents reviewed, the recorded conversations at Bastrop County Jail between Colorado Cessa and Colorado Cessa Jr and Segura in which they discussed an agreement and plan to bribe United States District Court Judge within the Western District of Texas who is an officer and employee of the United States.

The three men wanted to obtain a reduced prison sentence for Colorado Cessa. At no time during this investigation has the judge been involved with the conduct set forth below in the affidavit.


A sting was conducted for the arrests, booking mug shot photos, below


The investigation revealed Colorado traveled throughout Mexico and various cities in Texas to include not limited to :Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Bastrop. Colorado Jr. utilized 832-512-4056 and a white Toyota Tundra (plate no. XS-72- 941)


They are charged with conspiracy to bribe a public official and will be presented and stand before a magistrate judge this morning in Austin. They are facing a 250,000 fine and up to Five years in jail

Robert Pitman “From the beginning in the case we indicated it was all about keeping corruption from Mexican drug cartels out of the United States and this is just another example of what cartels believe they can get away with and an example that we will do whatever to not let them and will do whatever we can to stop them.”

Adding insult to injury, when Segura was on the stand US attorney Michelle Fernald asked him if he ever participated in criminal activity with Cessa, he answered emphatically “no”.

Fernald reminded Segura he was under oath, he acknowledged that and again answered no.

Fernald could not hide her smile as she turned away. Later Segura was arrested on the bribery charge.

To commit a perjury a person must be under a “lawful” oath, then “violate” that oath in a “willful” manner regarding an issue “material” to the oath.

Segura could be prosecuted under section 1623, if convicted the penalty is up to five years.

US Attorney Robert L. Pitman front center-Gardner behind Pitman to the left

Clearly, a charge of perjury can’t be far behind, but the likely, scenario is a plea. Hopefully any plea will include incarceration. This impressive group of United States attorneys, seem committed in setting precedence and sending a strong message to cartels and associates of cartels, that you can’t come to the US, and expect business as usual.

Corruption is business as usual for Cessa

In 2004-2005, Francisco Colorado Cessa syphoned millions of dollars of drug money that was allocated for the horse racing operation and 12 million dollars to the PRI political party’s gubernatorial campaign in Veracruz.



Once Fidel Herrera won, the majority of contracts awarded for Pemex and Petróleos Mexicanos was given to ADT, Francisco’s company. Francisco was the liaison between the governor and a former Zetas leader, probably Heriberto Lazcano who is now deceased. The gubernatorial victory assured free passage for the Zetas trafficking drugs through Veracruz.

Hinijosa testified that in 2001, when the Zetas were the enforcer wing of the Gulf cartel [CDG], a founding member of the Zetas, Efraín Teodoro “Z-14” Torres, was sent to take over the Miguel Alemán plaza. “Plaza” refers to a region. Miguel Alemán is the border city across the Rio Grande from Roma.
At that time the government controlled the drug trafficking in the state of Tamaulipas, Torres was sent in to gain control.
The cartel “took over all the plazas in the state of Tamaulipas to control all the drug movement to the United States and to handle all bribery,” he said. Eventually Torres was sent to Veracruz to capture that state as well.

Cessa was sentenced yesterday to 240 months for the laundering case, but is implicated in the bribery case so will be facing additional time.

Robert Munday Special Agent of FBI filed the affidavit which was unsealed this morning.


There will be a press conference at 9:30 am. At 2:00PM Cessa and Segura l faced the Magistrate, both men affirming they understood the charges, but Jr. stating “I don’t know U.S. Law”.

Both men are citizens of Mexico, and Cessa Jr. was using an expired United States visa. U.S. Attorney Douglas W. Gardner argued against bail asserting the high risk both men pose given the nature of the charges. They were held over, next hearing is September 19th.

The Criminal Complaint is a must read, James Bond meets keystone Cops….




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