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4 die in Tamaulipas

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September 4, 2013



A total of four armed suspects were killed in encounters with Mexican security forces in Tamaulipas state Tuesday night, according to official news releases.

A news release posted on the website of Tamaulipas state government said that one encounter took place in the border municipality of Matamoros at around 1825 hrs near Ejido Morelos, where a Mexican Army unit observed, and traded gunfire with occupants of a convoy.

One armed suspect was killed and six others were detained at the scene. An undisclosed number of rifles, ammunition and weapons magazines were seized as well as three vehicles, described in the news release as trucks or SUVs. The news release hinted that more than three vehicles and seven armed suspects were in the convoy when it initially encountered the army patrol.

A second encounter took place in Nuevo Laredo municipality at around 2330 hrs near the intersection of Bulevar Colosio and Calle Gonzalez in Viveros colony.

Armed suspects traveling aboard a Lincoln LS exchanged gunfire with a Mexican Army unit, according to the news release, to avoid arrest. Army return fire killed three suspects. Soldiers at the scene seized four rifles, 28 weapons magazines and a quantity of AK-47 ammunition.



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