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CDS: ” El Mayito” Captured at Juárez Safehouse

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August 28, 2013


The Governor of the State, César Duarte, explained that the alleged financial operator of the Sinaloa cartel was wanted by the PGR, DEA, and Interpol.

On Tuesday Mario Núñez Meza, aka ‘El Mayito’ or ‘M10’ evening was arrested at a safe house in Ciudad Juárez together with 3 other people. Agents of the State police captured the Sinaloa Cartel’s operator for the states of Chihuahua and Durango. Núñez Meza was wanted by the PGR, DEA and the Interpol, said Chihuahua gov. César Duarte Jaques.


“The first elements we have to link to this character are very bloody events in the State of Durango and in the State of Chihuahua, and according to their statements he is linked to hundreds of killings, mostly in Durango for more time,” he explained.

Unofficial data indicate that elements of the PEU intervened in a safe house where drug was being prepared for retail sales, officers broke into the building, arresting those inside, including the aforementioned Núñez Meza.

According to the United States, through an indictment put before the Federal Court of the district west of Texas, Meza Núñez was part of a group of former policemen that traffic drugs, kidnap and extort.

Formal announcement of the arrest will follow this evening or Thursday, apparently, according to the sources consulted.


The capture of Mario Núñez ‘Mayito’ or ‘The M10’ Meza, motivated a meeting at the facilities of the unique state police (PEU), where the detainee is being held.

The site, located at the junction of the eje vial Juan Gabriel and avenida Sanders, has been surrounded by elements of all police corporations, and even members of the Mexican army with tanks, to prevent any attempt of removal of the suspect.

The Commander of the garrison, Mario Valencia Robledo, and State delegate of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), César Augusto Peniche Espejel, arrived to the place as well as commanders of the PEU and the Ministerial police.

State agents are touring the streets adjacent to the police facilities to monitor and detect any suspicious movement.

Off the record reports indicate it is the intention of the local authorities is to send Núñez Meza to México city and put him at the disposal of the federal authorities.


The location where he is being held is the Policia Estatal Unica at the intersection of Juan Gabriel and Avenida Sanders, Juárez . According to reports and constant updates, the state and federal police and military are taking extreme measures to make sure he’s not rescued, with armored vehicles on the streets, patrol vehicles constantly going up and down the streets in front of the police installations where he is being held, and police snipers on the roofs of the cop shop and surrounding buildings.

Sources used to create this post: Diario-Milenio-BorderlandBeat-Grillonautas


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