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Methamphetamine Being Smuggled from Mexico

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More than a dozen arrests were made in an ongoing organized crime investigation in Tom Green County. Law Enforcement says Meth is being smuggled from Mexico, and distributed here.
As part of an ongoing organized crime investigation, 13 individuals were arrested Monday in connection with illegal distribution of Methaphetamine. Ten are charged in engaging in organized crime. Investigators say many involved are members or associates of several gangs, including, the Zetas Cartel and West Texas Tango Blast.

Sheriff David Jones says, “We do have gang activity here, and they’re mainly engaged in the distribution of illegal narcotics.”

Jones said the majority is being manufactured in Mexico; however, some is being produced here in San Angelo.

Although these gangs are not commonly known to associate with one another, Jones says this case appears to be an exception.

“When it comes to making money most of the time they are going to get together, and conduct criminal activity to make that money.”

Jones says while the population increase has a positive economic impact on our community, it can be a perfect window for an opportunistic drug dealer to expand clientele.

“It affects everybody. Our kids. It definitely affects the public.”

While we know these gangs will continue to operate in our area, local law enforcement remain committed to their apprehension and persecution.

“There is so much profit to be made in narcotics. This is something we’re going to fight for a long time, so each time, each arrest we make is something that we’ll detract from their activity. But other people will pick-up where they left off, so, this is a continual fight.”


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