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News from Zac: CDG Claiming they are Cleaning the Plaza and Other Reports

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August 24, 2013  

A woman and women are being interrogated by CDG-they admit to work for the zetas, for “el Tigre”, “Shakira”, “Vallarta” and comandante Morán, this last one a comandante of the Federal police, like the people in the other video they claim the Federal police is working with the zetas and admit to have taken part in 2 kidnappings, the 2 owners of seafood restaurants in Zacatecas, el Marlin and el Feo, very well-known people locally, and were preparing to kidnap a man who works in Peñoles (a silver mining company)
The description of the video says: “Now we left them alive so the government judges them. People from Zacatecas, now ask answers from the Federals who are the ones that set these pieces of shit free.”
Another 4 who were left beaten tied and wrapped in a message near the mercado de abastos the night before, apparently also were zetas and the message signed by CDG accusing them of being kidnappers and killers and saying they were leaving them there so they would give information to the authorities, this according to accesozac, since information in the press doesn´t give any data about the contents of the message. (video at bottom)
Zac also reports last night there were three persons hanged, but they were left alive. This photo from AccesoZac , however “Zac” questioned if the photo was really related, I think it may because the bodies are not limp indicating they are alive when the photo was taken. In a image search it is a never before used photo. There was a message left, contents not made public.
On Wednesday 2 were hanged (below) in Valparaíso by the zetas, with a message saying something like “greetings to the hanged ones” referring to the 2 youngsters that had been hung in Zacatecas in Saturday night, it was in the testigo nocturno page they are very reliable with the info and images they post and focus on the area around Fresnillo only
and …last Saturday a young couple later identified as the 2 bodies left hanging (above photo from interrogation video) were identified as Jhonatan Eduardo Espinoza Esquivel and Karla San Juana Guadalupe Villasana Acuña. The young teens were seen on the video below being interrogated by CDG. Tijuano found a report of the background of Karla as follows:
In those days in 2007, nobody would have believed that angel-faced teenager full of life would end up her life in the middle of scandal and public scrutiny, murdered in a spiral of violence that even thou tamed (according to the source, NOT ME) still takes away innocent lives, also from those who aren´t innocent.

There are just a few who know the truth behind Karla San Juana Guadalupe Villafana Acuña´s tragedy, maybe only those close to her.

What is known is she left two orphans 2 little boys no more than 2 years old. And a pair of bereaved parents who gave everything for her: their only child.

By 2007 Karla was in Tecnica No. 1 middle School, she was part of the generation that first used the blue uniform.

She didn´t stand out for her grades, but she was consistent on her studies, worried about her appearance and fun. She loved “groupero” parties.

She was a lucky teenager, she had friends and no economical limitations, her parents always gave her anything she needed, she had no worries aside from her studies and making those around her happy.

After finishing middle school, she enrolled on Colegio de Bachilleres High School but dropped out soon after.

A few months ago she gave birth to her first baby and married a young boy who earned his life washing car windows on the streets, she had another baby; she lived the life of a teenage mother. Her parents always gave her anything she or her babies needed.

The nightmare began Sunday at 5:40 AM, when an emergency call alerted the Police Agencies about 2 hanging bodies in bridge located on CTM neighborhood, Karla was already death when police and army personnel arrived at the scene.

Along her was Jhonatan Eduardo Espinoza Esquivel, 19, just like her, he was still alive.

The young man died on route to the hospital. Close to them, their murderers left a message signed by the Gulf Cartel.


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