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Mantas Appeared in 7 Coahuila Cites Says Governor pays Zócalo to Keep Quiet

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August 24, 2013  

Twitter’s “PN_Narco” and “Martin RT News” (I recommend following both for breaking Coahuila and Tamps news) posted photos of mantas posted in the Coahuila cities of Acuña, Piedras Negras. Mantas were reported also hung in Rosita, Sabinas, Muzquiz, Monclova and Castaños. Below is a translation of the most readable manta text, however, some of the text was obscured. Thank you “Zac” for the translation.


Manta Text:
Terrorist government, who are the ones governing us?, is it possible that those who should be protecting us and in whom we have put our trust are the ones who are hurting us the most? Rubén Moreira, you started a war to distract the citizens ‘attention from the 35,000 million pesos that your brother, Humberto Moreira, stole during his term as governor, abusing your power you brag about paying up to 10 million pesos monthly to the owners of the newspaper Zócalo, the Juaristi, so that nothing about the reality of what is going on in our state gets published.
What happened with all that screening of authorities, in the end only the worst ones were left like the GATES, creditable police, as well as the elite group, because all these groups of the Coahuila government instead of giving security they have given terror to the citizens with their murders, kidnappings and torture of so many innocent people, there are videos, photos and torture of these police groups as well as arrest orders for the high ranks, the operation chiefs, like Héctor Flores Rodríguez, “el Jaguar”, and Jorge Miguel Barajas Hernández alias “El Hummers” in the criminal case # 76-2013-IV, visit the website sarape (I think it’s sarape, not 100% sure) Saltillo where this information can be found.
Enough with so many disappeared and dead people, enough of corrupt corps at your service that pose as cartels to extort businessmen in Coahuila (unreadable part) that we are in the hands of criminals, being these the same authorities (unreadable) and after all this they say in Coahuila no (unreadable) was arrested for stealing from the State and here in Coahuila, (unreadable) millions, and when will he be charged for that crime? Just like you, who are (unreadable) so many people died. And why don’t you give us an explanation about the commanders who took care of (unreadable) neighbor state of Tamaulipas.
Rodriguez and Barajas are two of the three Coahuila GATE (weapons and special tactics) state police officers suspected of being responsible for the Nuevo Laredo car bombing in June of 2012. .

Thanks you to my partner Lacy for the heads up….




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