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Auto Defense: “No Problem We can do it Alone”- Military Refuses to help during Multiple CT attacks

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August 24, 2013




Auto Defense “SOS”as CT Attacks 3 Municipalities-No support from Military
In the early hours of Saturday, August 24, armed subjects arrived on foot through the exit “de las minas” attacking a check point of the communitarian police and the federal police, shortly the communitarian and federal police repelled the agression with the end result of a municipal police woman sustained a foot injury. (we must point out that this municipal police is of trust and works along with the communitarian police) and a communitarian police seriously injured in the leg, femoral artery, his condition is unknown at this time. Those from the military zone said he would be treated in Apatzingán but he would be charged, then they said they wouldn´t take care of him and he had to be taken to Tepalcatepec.

“We are extremely stressed that these “soldiers” DIDN´T GIVE ANY SUPPORT IN THE CLASH, they left the federal and community police alone, when the soldiers were 5 blocks away from the clash they didn´t help at all! already at 8 am they came out to put a check point, what do you think of this, friends? once more the military zone of Apatzingán working with the organized crime? like in 2010 when they left the federal police die? we don´t understand their lack of support…”

“Being only 5 blocks away from the clash, yet not one soldier was good enough to go and give support, well no problem, we can do it alone sirs, but if you are not going to help don´t get in the way either, later the federal police dispatched a helicopter to find the criminals, there are reports of deaths among the criminals, but, like they always, they took their fallen.”


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