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Bodies of The Tepito 12 Found

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August 22, 2013



The bodies of the young missing last May 26 at the bar Heaven, in the Zona Rosa of Mexico City, were found by authorities in Chalco, State of Mexico, confirmed this morning several sources.

The autopsies on the corpses were performed and corresponding DNA testing and were positive. They are the same that were kidnapped almost three months.


Apart from the 12 missing young people, most of whom lived in the neighborhood of Tepito, was found the body of a young man who was known as “The Omarcito”. Were 13 bodies found in Mexico State territory.

Young people have disappeared as a result of the dispute over the sale of drugs in the Zona Rosa, Condesa corridor.

Initially, the group known as The Union aimed Insurgents kidnap “El Toñín” and “El Barrigas”,, but the rest of the Tepiteños had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time..

Both “El Toñín” and “El Barrigas”, were posing as members of the Union of Tepito.

The case of the missing is considered the first great crisis in the government of Miguel Angel Mancera. The Head of Government of the Federal District first questioned youth had been “raised” in the antrum, then described the kidnapping as “no” and even hinted that there were no weapons in the criminal operation.






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