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New Mexico State Police discover drugs in cars being hauled by a semi at crash site with an Amtrak train

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New Mexico State Police are conducting a narcotics investigation after they found drugs from cars being hauled by a semi. That truck crashed with an Amtrak train on Wednesday. No one was injured.

The Drug Enforcement Administration said drug traffickers are getting more creative.

“Drugs strapped to bodies, in the trunks of cars, or in this particular case, which is a little unique, is putting it on a car hauler to have the transportation company transport the drugs for you,” DEA group supervisor Eduardo Chavez said.

That’s one way drugs could have ended up in cars being hauled by Bonham Valet Transport, before the trailer crashed with a train.

State police said they found drugs that could be cocaine, heroin, meth or marijuana. They won’t say which or how much until the investigation is complete.

KOB Eyewitness News 4 reached out to the company but has not yet heard back.

State police haven’t said whether the company knew there were drugs in the cars. They have said the drugs may have been hidden in compartments.

The DEA says based on trends they’ve seen, that’s a likely scenario.

So far, no arrests have been made. State police are searching for the owner or owners of the cars.



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