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Video Translated: Tuta Speaks…..again

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August 14, 2013

This is ‘Tuta’s’ latest video, released a few days ago.  It is 30 minutes in length.  To translate the narrative to English takes more time than the typical video, so I am dividing the narrative translation into two parts.  Many of you have written requesting this video posted. 

In my opinion, he is evil, killing and extorting innocents.  Before you feel that he is saying things with merit, I agree with some of what he says, but I look for the motive and you can easily find it.  Community police are the enemy, he is annoyed he has been unable to “take them out” so he tries one of his rants to compromise the reputation of the community police.  
He is a deceitful liar, posing as a humble Mexican forced to do wrong.  Just stop and look at the young and old, men and women lemon workers killed, and what people say about CT and Tuta.  Tuta is educated.  He was a teacher.
As for being humble take a look at these photos of his children-humble? at bottom his son at top son on left jenny Rivera and his daughter.  You be the judge.


Here is part one.
Due to the lack of attention from the media of the country, we are obliged to say the truth and why is the insistence of our brotherhood. We don’t want society to only hear what others say about us, that is why we give the reasons for our cause…
We are Templar!!!
Would you say your name and your duty?
Servando Gómez Martínez, La Tuta, El Profe
What is your responsibility?
I am responsible of the Knights Templar, the brotherhood or the organization of the Knights Templar. That is who I am.
What do you do here?
Well, right now, I am running away, I am forced to run away because of many things that are said about us. Who say those things? The television networks, that have made us criminals, state, nation and worldwide and criminals in an exaggerated way. Until now, that is the first time that someone come to interview us and which I believe wants to know what our organization is about. This organization that I preside has as others, a board and a congress.
 It is not done what I order or what I say. It is done what is believed, it is convenient to the interests of the majority of the people of the town. I excuse myself if we affect the interests of third parties. There are things in our code, our statutes that we can do and others that we can’t do and which are penalized with penalties that are from light to capital penalties, it depends on the magnitude of the mistake. We do many illicit things but there are things that we can do and others things that we can’t do. We can’t mess with the citizens, or the hard working people that work honestly.
 If you ask me if I am drug trafficker, we will get to parts where something will come out, but I want to clarify something, there are many people that do the same thing as our organization and who work transporting products to the U.S, they can do whatever they want but the only thing is that, here, we don’t let “the ice”  be consumed (they don’t do drugs). The prostitutes are a necessary wrongness, if it didn’t exist, there would be many rapes.
 Someone has to regulate the selling of drugs, as well as someone wants to legalize the marijuana. I haven’t known anyone that has died for smoking marijuana or that has cancer (from Marijuana). On the other hand, wine, beer, tobacco and cigarettes are advertised on television networks. That is business and even though those substances are harmful they are advertised.   People die of cirrhosis and cancer because of smoking and still (cigarettes) are sold (that are harmful). Probably there are other interests; you know there are other interests of foreign enterprises. I ask the television networks to investigate and say what is the truth, not what they are forced to say.
What is what is really going on in Michoacán?
We believe in what the President of the Republic said, a few days ago, is right. It should be established a Mexican state of right. The disturbance of the country is not caused by the actual government. There was a party that lasted 12 years with the power and that in those 12 years, they could not organize things. They put themselves on television; they don’t have democracy and they even say so, I have the power and I take this person out, and you know what I am referring to.
So it is necessary to establish a state of right in the Mexican Republic. If the Knights Templar is the one obstructing, well then, let the municipal, state or federal police do their job. If someone says that state and municipal police are working for us then, let the federation do the job but with respect. Here the only one to blame is my humble self and the people that work with me (Tuta and the Templar). There is no reason to affect the people of the town. Everybody knows each other, so why do they come and hit people. People say they don’t know us because they are afraid. Why don’t they do careful operations to get us?
Why send in all those armed people and police corporations to offend and aggravate the people. Why? Tourism and investment are scared away. They come to steal and that is not told about. Why don’t the television media ask the villages what is going on? We think that we have the concept clear that we are servants and not to make use of the services and we don’t consider ourselves to be scourges. The fingers of the hands are not equal, just as it is not the same the members of the family. That is what happens in the fraternity.
We would like that all of our boys were refined and prepared but which part of the society has been concerned and say: I am an attorney, architect, professor,  whoever, I want to collaborate with you so that this will get better and have progress for peace and tranquility. Violence generates violence. All effect has a cause and all cause have an effect. This has logic, we are a group; we are criminals, right because that is how we are categorized by the television network.
We are a group and we are in Michoacán because we are watching over the interests of the Michoacán people. It has been said by the television networks and by the community guards that we steal and extort and I don’t doubt that some of our boys do that do it foolishly, but the administration do not accept it. We don’t have a magic wand to enchant everyone to stay still until we tell them or inject in their heads what is wrong and right.
Most of our people lack education this is true,  but no one has worried about supporting us. Well, why do they have to support us, crooked or straight, we are a necessary wrongness and we are here. We are not only in the municipalities of Michoacán, Tierra Caliente or the Mountains. We are in the entire Republic and not only my group; there are many groups. There are foreign people that want to take over the country. I am going to say this with all respect; we have an immeasurably invasion of Chinese. Probably it convenes to the interests of the corporate or I don’t know but they are here and they also have mafias.
I am not considered as a mafia, but the media has put us in that level and it is hard work to refute it when the media has the power of reporting it worldwide. What we say does not count but here we are. Ask around, ask the villagers if we are doing right or wrong. I ask the communication media to be professionals, investigate, not only what they are forced to say.
Who is responsible for the violence in Michoacán?
We all are part responsible, the Knights Templar, the Zetas, who aren’t in Michoacán nor the Jalisco Cartel, but they manage the community guards and are behind them and to prove it, see the armament that the community guards handle, and see where they started from, from the state of Jalisco and Colima heading this way. They are advancing. We all are part of it, some for defending ourselves and others for attacking us.
Some networks have said, two or three days ago, “here are some former Templar” oh some former Templar and they are in the town of Aguililla, arranging some sand sacks, forming bunkers for protections in case there is a confrontation. We are not going to confront anybody, if we are not being attacked and we clearly said it on a video. If the community guards keep advancing and PFP come escorting them, we are going to do our job for defending our home. We all have the right and they as well.
There are many ways to fix things but they did it the wrong way. How is it possible that an ex Templar appear trying to clean his record when he is admitting publicly that he is or was a hit man. There are two man that appear on the video; the other one also says that he was a gunman, and there are some video shoots where PFP and soldiers come out. Ten, why isn’t the state of right established with them, arrest them and turn them in to the corresponding institution. Why are people armed and face covered?
 My boys are face covered also but I am already categorized as a criminal and I know that people are looking for me but it is not my intention to harm people; all I want is to watch our state from Zetas, Jalisco Cartel and all other groups that want to take over the state to kidnap and rape or to attempt against the primarily rights of the human beings. We are against that. Probably our boys had done things wrong but they have received their punishment. Why haven’t the former Templar that come out on television been arrested.
Who gave power to so many people that are armed and face covered? That we have daily extorted, that is a vile lie, ask where that idea came from; investigate. It was the contribution of many avocado harvesters, we didn’t demand any contribution. They wanted to contribute so that we watched over their interest because they didn’t even trust the federation, or the state police. There were many kidnapping; they invited us to protect them, they came up with the idea of contributing for our boys, our organization. We have to pay our people, they need to eat. They offered to pay, we have never extorted and we will never ask anybody for a dime for anything.
What about the accusations against you?
What type of accusations?
The accusations the police or the community guards say about you?
Well, the police say we are criminals. We have an old dispute exclusively with the federal police and it all started with Genaro Garcia Luna, who I think, will be imprisoned, the jails that he built before me. I hope it will never happen to me, I will be very careful and I know that I am a criminal but there are people worse than me that have protection because they work with the government. Wasn’t it said that impunity and immunity had ended? How many testimonies and witnesses exist against several elements of the last government administration? Where are they, why hasn’t there been a state of right (state of right referring to a trial) against them?
Why have the community guards have to have their faces covered? And from municipality to municipality when the certified police of the municipalities have to have an official order to move from the town hall to watch over a dance and if they go by a military check point, they have to show their order. Everybody knows that, so why do the community guards are doing that freely and the PFP are leading the convoy.
They even drive white buses with people dressed on white clothing and we don’t even know who they are. Investigate what is going on with the community guards. What problems they have in La Ruana and Aguililla? Community leaders are fighting over the share of possessions they have stolen. Ask around the villagers that have been displaced, so you can see. We haven’t displaced anyone; the only ones we have displaced are those who are part of the Zetas or the CJNG.

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