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‘Significant seizure’ of cocaine and Methamphetamine at Ambassador Bridge; Wayne Douglas Rutherford, 61, of Colborne, Ont., arrested

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August 15, 2013  

A 61-year-old Colborne, Ont., man is facing charges after a officials say a  significant seizure of cocaine and methamphetamine was made at the Ambassador  Bridge.

Canada Border Services Agency officials say the bust took place on Aug. 4,  when Wayne Douglas Rutherford was returning to Canada with a commercial shipment  of produce from California.

Cocaine and meth seized by CBSA

Cocaine and meth that was seized at the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ont.,  on Aug.4, 2013




The shipment was referred for secondary examination. CBSA officers noticed  inconsistencies in the front wall of the cargo trailer during an examination by  the Mobile Vehicle and Cargo Inspection System.

After removing a number of interior panels, officers say they discovered  multiple packages of cocaine and methamphetamine. A total of 53 kilograms of  cocaine and 22 kilograms of meth were seized.

“The smuggling of drugs into our country poses a grave threat to the safety  of our communities,” says Tony Geoghegan, acting regional director general of  Southern Ontario Region. “CBSA officers work tirelessly to keep illegal drugs  and other contraband from entering Canada.”

Rutherford has been charged by the RCMP with two counts of unlawfully  importing a controlled substance and two counts of possession of a substance for  the purpose of trafficking.

He has been released from custody and his next court appearance has been  scheduled for Sept. 9 in Windsor.

This is the second significant drug seizure for the CBSA at the Ambassador  Bridge in the past four months. Officers seized 22 kilograms of cocaine on May  28.





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