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Five die in southern Chihuahua

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August 10, 2013

A total of five individuals were killed in ongoing drug related violence in southern Chihuahua state, according to Mexican news accounts.
A report which appeared in the online edition of El Diario de Juarez, three men were shot to death in a home invasion in Guadalupe y Calvo municipality Saturday.

According to the report a number of armed suspects entered a residence in Mesa de San Rafael demanding weapons.  The occupants of the residence handed over three weapons: one AK-47 rifle, one 9mm pistol and one .22 caliber rifle.  Armed suspects then dragged the victims from the residence and shot and killed the three.
The victims were identified as Pedro Aviles Orozco 22, Raymundo Ponce Rios, 53 and Nahum Escarcega Aviles, 36.
Reforma de Mesa is the location where six unidentified men were shot to death in a massive shootout that took place two weeks ago.  According to Mexican news accounts at the time, the firefight was so intense almost 400 rounds from AK-47 rifles were fired.  Several buildings and vehicles in the area were destroyed by fire as well.
Meanwhile, also in Guadalupe y Calvo municipality, one unidentified  Mexican Army soldier was shot to death and two more were wounded when armed suspects executed an ambush against a military unit.
The incident took place in an area known as Nuestra Señora on a road that connects Guadalupe y Calvo and Baborigame, according to a separate news account which appeared on the website of El Diario de Juarez.  The army wounded were air evacuated to Chihuahua city for medical attention.
About 40 days ago five members of a family were ambushed and killed by armed suspects along a stretch of road between Guadalupe y Calvo and Barboringame, according to previous news accounts.
The news report said that security agencies were attempting to gain the upper hand against criminal groups which operate in the area.  Past news accounts have indicated that criminal activity such as kidnapping and gang recruitment is so bad in some areas that ground transportation service  between some towns have either been suspended or bus drivers refuse to take on male passengers.
The fifth victim, this time in Bocoyna municipality, was found shot to death.  Robertino Avila Justo was found near Creel, where the victim and another traveling companion were detained at a criminal checkpoint.  The companion was released, but the victim was killed.  A state autopsy report  said the victim had been tortured prior to being executed.




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