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9 die in Sinaloa state

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August 11, 2013

UPDATED with information about the new death toll and the names of six of the seven victims in Fuerte

A total of nine individuals have been found shot to death in Sinaloa state Saturday, according to Mexican news accounts.
A news reprot which appeared in the online edition of El Diario de Coahuila said that the victims were found near the village of Jahuara Dos in El Fuerte municipality in the Mexican sierras Saturday mid morning.
Three of the victims were stripped of clothing.  All of the victims had been bound hand and foot, and had been tortured and shot once in the head.
According to a wire dispatch which appeared in El Imparcial news daily, six  of the dead were identified as Patricio Castro, Cervantes Efren Espinoza, Joshue Eleazar Cervantes Medina, Ruben Angulo Flores, Joel Vega Gaxiola and Juan carlos Milan Bojorquez.  All the victims were listed as residents of Guasave municipality.
According to official sources, the victims had been kidnapped over the course of two weeks in northern Sinaloa state.
Two weeks ago three other victims of executions were found in the same municipality.  El Fuerte and its northern neighbor Choix municipality are considered to be Beltran-Leyva territory.
More than a year ago Choix municipality was the location of intergang warfare between groups aligned with the Sinaloa Cartel against other drug gangs including elements from the Juarez Drug Cartel and Los Zetas.  Over that two week period a total of 57 individuals were killed in intergang fighting and in confrontations with security forces.
Two other individuals were killed in Culican municipality in Sinaloa state Saturday, according to the report in El Imparcial.

  •  Cristian Vizcarra was shot to death in Benito Juarez colony Saturday afternoon while on his way home.
  •  An unidentified man was found shot to death in Centenario neighborhood in the Barrancos sector.


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