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Zacatecas Erupts With Clashes Between CDG and Zetas 46+ Dead in 3 Days

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August 4, 2013

Reporting from “Zac” Various outbreaks of violence
Another clash in Río Grande today at 5 am, zetas vs CDG.
“The inhabitants of Río Grande lived moments of terror and adrenaline this Sunday morning after witnessing a chase among several armed persons belonging to criminal groups who traveled in vehicles at high speed.
The shots of high caliber firearms and the roar of the engines started between 4 and 5 am.These violent events culminated near the Institute of computer science and applied computer science (ICIA) at the height of the restaurant la Langosta, where a vehicle on fire was left.
Two units of the Department of Civil protection and firemen from Rio Grande went to control the fire.
So far no police authority has made presence at this site an it is unknown if there are any dead or wounded. (social media reports 2 killed)

Three consecutive nights of clashes between suspected members of the rival cartels CDG and Los Zetas, in the municipalities of Fresnillo, Jerez and Valparaiso in Zacatecas left 46 dead, according to military sources assigned to the 11th Military Zone, based in Guadeloupe.
As of noon Saturday, no local or federal authority had reported skirmishes, however, several stretches of road have been blocked by gunmen and others by the Federal Police, which seeks to prevent motorists entering possible amid shootings .
No official source is speaking ,there is an instruction from the high command , to maintain the clashes secret because of the International Folklore Festival held in Zacatecas from last Sunday and ends today.
They do not want to scare off tourism , said the informants, who stressed that there were dozens of deaths in the shootings, however, each group took their fallen with them.
They reported that the confrontation occurred Thursday night on the road Fresnillo (center) and Valparaiso (west), a large group of members of the Cartel del Golfo clashed with a convoy of 14 trucks with about 80 Zetas.
It was a very strong melee where there were at least 38 fallen, from both sides , said one of the sources within the 11th Military Zone, in turn belongs to the Fifth Military Region.
Another source consulted, pertaining to Federal Support Forces, confidentially confirmed that on Friday night in a fight that lasted over an hour and a half in the center of Jerez, 60 kilometers west of the capital Zacatecas (center) -, the two groups clashed again.
The rattle of guns and explotions in the land of poet Ramón López Velarde took place from 23 pm until about 1:30 in the morning.
In this clash of arms, the informant said, “we know that at least eight gunmen were killed and five others were taken. Criminals pick up their trash [the bodies]. ”
But while official local and federal authorities tried to keep the clashes hidden, on social networks dozens of people reporting on violent events, mainly through AccesoZac on Facebook.
This site has been for the past 12 months a headache for the authorities to disclose information-even photos-on shootings and executions. Presumably administrators and feeders are military, federal police and active marines.
From Thursday night the portal warned heavy gunfire was reported on the federal highway 44 Valparaiso-Fresnillo, at the junction with Highway 23 leading to Jerez, drivers and carriers reported total closure.
He added that “they were carrying high-powered flashlights, military-style dresses, and the vehicles had CDG logos on. Avoid the area, it appears to be a confrontation between cartels.”
Editors in the city of Zacatecas, which have correspondents in those municipalities, confirmed the clashes, but did not publish any figures of killed and wounded, as their reporters don’t cover such information. …continues next page… Video below is from Proceso, about the violence and 46 killed.  It is in Spanish language

A confrontation occurred Saturday at noon in the county seat of Rio Grande (north), where gunmen aboard a red Mustang faced a gunman riding a motorcycle, it was a chase of several minutes in where a young bystander was shot twice.
In more violent incidents in the state of Zacatecas, federal police killed four alleged gunmen. Two, in the community of San Antonio del Ciprés, the town of Panuco (center), and two in the town of Zoquite, the municipality of Guadalupe (center), military sources confirmed.
In the wave of violence in recent days, dozens of soldiers and federal police, state and ministerial are arriving the the metropolis, guarding the main entrances and exits of the urban area roads Zacatecas-Guadalupe.

Other Zac News:
Friday Showdown in Jerez
Friday, for more than one hour detonations of firearm were heard in the outskirts of Jerez.
It is presumed it was a clash between antagonistic groups of organized crime who initiated the scuffle in the Jerez-Tepetongo road, at the height of fraccionamiento Los Alamitos.
In this neighborhood, according to witnesses of the place, members of one of the groups sought to place banners and then another group stopped them.
Thus began the gunfight and chase by several colonias of the city, among them Jardines e López Velarde, Niños Héroes, CNOP and Guadalupe.
The shootings stopped when army trucks entered the conflict zone.
Afterwards more strong and continuous detonations were heard, and a few minutes later vehicles with lighted turrets which did not belong to police corporations were seen passing in the colonia Obrera .
After a few minutes of calm, new shooting were heard in the colonia Niños Héroes , and later extended to the colonia Guadalupe.
“Shootout in Pánuco: 2 dead criminals
Elements of the Federal Police doing a surveillance patrol were attacked with bullets by a cell of the organized crime in the community of San Antonio del Ciprés, belonging to the municipality of Pánuco, Zacatecas.
The armed incident took place this Thursday at 5 pm, when the Federal convoy was attacked by gunmen, who were travelling in a black car.
Once the gunmen opened fire on them, the Feds responded to the attack and killed 2 alleged offenders; weapons and 2 vehicles were seized, a pick up truck with theft report and a car.
Surveillance operations have been intensified, once this week 7 suspects were captured on Wednesday by the same corporation in the community of Zóquite, Guadalupe.”
Zac Note: About that arrest, some sources say 6, others say 7, one of them a 14 year old minor, they were arrested on Wednesday evening near Tacoaleche during an operative of the federal police, with many weapons,  no idea if they were zetas or CDG.
Then Friday night at around 11-11.30 pm there was another shootout in Jerez de García Salinas between cartels, and this one is the biggest and also most unusual one since Jerez has been supposedly clean of zetas for a while now, there are reports about some of the bad guys were caught trying to hang a banner and that´s when things started, that would make sense after the banners from the other day, attempting  to make a quick incursion to place one in enemy territory.
This shootout lasted a long time according to reports from locals, and moved between different parts in the outskirts of the city as the bad guys were chasing each other.
The number of casualties is unknown, but is unofficially considered that there were casualties, because the shootings lasted for more than one hour, in which the high caliber weapon detonations were continuous.”
Sources: Mexconnect-ImagenZac-FB CDN-NTRZacatecas-Periodicomirador-Twitter

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