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“el 50” Reported Dead in Culiacán Shootout 4 Killed

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August 4, 2013

Note: A reader writes that the Sinaloa State PGR has confirmed: Francisco Torres, EL 50, and Javier TorresFélix’s nephew.  Also killed was Rolando Angulo Meza, El 80, and José Rene Rodriguez Madueña.

Culiacán was converted into “War zone” as Sicarios and police face during a shootout that happened in an area between the colonia  of Francisco Villa and El Vallado, during police operation conducted in the area. An armed group of criminals is holed up in the interior of a home and they were firing at elements of the various law enforcement forces. After several minutes of negotiating the situation was controlled by the army.
So far authorities of the Attorney General of Justice of the State report the death of 4 suspected sicarios, while 8 members of the security forces were injured, including 6 from the army, a State Police and a civilian.
The confrontation occurred between the colonias Francisco Villa and El Vallado, where both military forces and different municipal and State police  encircled a perimeter of approximately 10 blocks, in of middle of which a strong confrontation occurred.
Residents of the colonias heard firearms detonate,  and also noticed a smokescreen which some officers said came from a vehicle which caught fire because of the bullet impacts.
They were around 50 patrols of various corporations which surrounded both colonias, from Clouthier Street to the Avenue Rolando Arjona.
Some of the elements entered the place with rifles in hand and moved strategically to get to the point of confrontation, where so far it is not known if the combat is between civilians or armed forces also participated.
Criminal suspects are stationed in a two-story house who shot at the security forces with AK-47 and FAL [.308] rifles. From the detonations,  agents said  there were  Barret  [.50 caliber] weapons.


There have already been several attempts to get them out of the building with tear gas as well as shrapnel bursts but they are still armed on the first floor.
After the shooting, a military agent came out on a stretcher wounded in the left leg, and the “war zone” is full of elements of all of the law enforcement groups.
A helicopter was flying over the site, outside the home, and police were in a Rhino armored vehicle to protect themselves from the shooting.
A police officer came up and opened the window of the building, which was damaged by the bullets and pulled out a rag in signal so that not to open fire the other elements that are pointing towards the window.
At the time that the army shouted from a bullhorn, “We’re coming in!”, heavy detonations from firearms wre heard, which made the military fire back, but still at the end of the blasts the situation was under control.
Now they are all detained at a postion located opposite the yellow house, which shows evidence of several bullet impacts, mainly on the facade of the second floor.
At this time the number of gunmen arrested has not been announced.
A civilian who lived two houses down jumped from the second floor of his home after hearing detonations, suffering a left leg injury, he took shelter in another home until he was aided.


More: Among  dead  gunned down in the colonia El Vallado Saturday morning could be El 50 or el Mayito, one of the most important security personnel for the Cartel de Sinaloa in Culiacan, according to unofficial sources..

In the skirmish between sicarios, police and soldiers killed three people, and six uniformed officers were injured, five of them soldiers attached to the ninth area. In addition, there are two detainees.
The confrontation began around 10 o’clock by Bahía de Ohuira Street, in this sector, when military personnel tried to check a property. An armed group arrived at the scene and attacked soldiers, who repelled the attack with bullets.

The victims, he added, have not been identified, but people close to the investigation indicate that El 50 remained in the building and fought fiercely attempting to repel the attack,  while he was surrounded. This is the version that was circulating early today.

In the place they found long weapons, mostly AK-47 rifles, known as cuernos de chivo, and fragmentation grenades. Several of these exploded during the confrontation, which led to two burnt vehicles, including a recent model SUV.
Several cars and homes were also hit with high caliber gunshots.
Neither the dead nor the detainees have been identified by the authorities. So far there isn’t an official report of the facts; the place was attended by military commanders.
The operation which was carried out in the sector included the participation of federal, State and local agents by land and air, in this sector.

Source: Riodoce

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