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13-year-old gang raped by 13 illegal immigrants and 1 black man in Austin, Texas

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July 26, 2013

Glenn Beck asks on The Blaze, “Where is the outrage?” What outrage, you ask? Well, here is the story that caused Beck to ask that question and, indeed, it is the question we should all be asking.

A 13-year-old girl who was living in a transitional home for foster children, The Settlement Home for Children in Austin, Texas made a very unwise decision to run away, not knowing where she was going to go. Perhaps she was tired of being rejected and feeling like nobody wanted her so she decided to run away from the only place she knew as home in hopes that she might find someone who would care about her. Who knows what was going through this child’s mind.

This 13-year-old probably had no idea what she was looking for but when she ran away on June 29th and was approached by three men who offered her a ride, being very naive, she accepted the ride. These men took her to an apartment where they proceeded to rape her and ten others who were there cheered them on and took pictures with their cell phones. Then it was their turn and each of them took turns throughout the night and into the wee morning hours. When they were done with her they drove her to a different location. They were a bit compassionate however when one of them gave her his cell phone to use to call her foster brother. He refused to help her and the men basically dumped her off and told her to find somewhere to go.

Juan Ortega and Edgar Perez arrested on rape charges of a 13-year-old girl.
Juan Ortega and Edgar Perez arrested on rape charges of a 13-year-old girl.

Shortly afterwards she met a woman who seemed like she wanted to help her and trusting her, she went with her. The woman took her to yet another apartment, where there was a black man waiting and he, too, raped her. Somehow after she got away from there, she found her was back to the settlement home.

The police now have two men in custody, Juan Lozano Ortega, 24 and Edgar Gerardo Guzman Perez, 26 under $30,000 bond each and charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. The other men have not been found, yet.

As Glenn Beck pointed out, there are two things that stand out in this case that the lame stream media isn’t reporting. Both add insult to injury. One, all 13 of the men who raped this young girl are illegal immigrants. Two, the other man who raped her at a different apartment was a black man. Now, why do you think these details are not being reported? Could it be that it might have an adverse effect on Obama’s agenda? Being the good little robots they are, of course they won’t report those facts and they are facts.

Upon examination of the young girl, her injuries were found to be consistent with the details of her story. There will be an investigation to find the other men involved and there will also be an investigation of the settlement home to try to determine how she was able to slip away without anyone noticing that she was gone.

This young girl has been traumatized to the max with these animals who raped her. All she wants is to feel the safety of a loving home with people who really care about her. Perhaps we might keep her in our prayers, not just tonight but every day that she may come to know the life that she desires so much and deserves.

I reiterate, “Where’s the outrage?” Why is there no one ranting about what happened to this young girl? Trayvon Martin has people rioting for him and he was no innocent young man. Who is going to be there for this 13-year-old who had her virginity and dignity stripped away in one frightening night?

What would Obama do if one of his daughters was taken away and raped? Of course that wouldn’t happen because he and his family are surrounded by body guards everywhere they go. What happens, however, when one day they are no longer in the White House and all those body guards are no longer there? How will he protect his daughters then?

This story should be plastered on every newspaper across the country just to let people know that what happened to this girl could happen to their daughters if this illegal immigration problem isn’t soon fixed by securing our borders and making every illegal go back to their own country and apply like others have done for citizenship and go through all the same steps as those who have come here legally have done.

Once our borders are secure, we can deal with the illegals already here. If they don’t have proper papers to prove they are legal, they leave until such time as they are able to make a proper application in becoming a citizen. If they refuse to co-operate, then they should be deported on the spot. One thing we don’t want or need is Amnesty for illegal immigrants. They can start the process before returning home to their own country. Besides that, we must put a limit on how many immigrants we can accept each year. Of course we still want people to feel free to come to our country to become legal citizens, but we must also be practical; there has to be a limit and our borders must be secured before we can take any other action. Green cards should not be so easy to get; that’s why there’s so many illegal immigrants who have them and they can be easily reproduced. We need to make them much like our driver’s licenses and they must use e-verify.

This story can also be found at . Please pray for this girl that she will be able to overcome the effects of this trauma and that she has not sustained such serious injury to her body as to make it impossible for her to someday have a family of her own to love. Pray for her to find peace and above all else, pray that someone will come into her life that will be able to help her feel loved and appreciated for who she is.



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