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Zacatecas: Zeta Mantas Appear Including One in Hotel Room

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July 28, 2013


 Narco-Mantas (banners) appeared in Zacatecas including one that may be a “first”, a manta displayed in a hotel room.

The mantas first appeared in Tamaulipas, then Coahuila now Zacatecas, with a message from and signed by Los Zetas.
“From this moment we will make presence so you can see that we are here”, was the theme of several messages that appeared in cities of Zacatecas, including Fresnillo, Guadalupe Zacatecas and the city of Valparaiso.
The mantas were addressed to the people of Zacatecas, declaring that though their premier leader Miguel Treviño Morales, alias Z40, was captured, there is no leadership change and he continues to lead the cartel, reiterating the group is well structured, and nothing has changed.
Something new with these mantas is the message that the “real culprits” in the disappearances of people in the state, are the group who called themselves “Chapulines” (grasshoppers), led by “el Tio”, José Soto.
The message says; “be aware they are the ones who are causing so much damage to society”.
In conclusion the message announces that Los Zetas will make their presence known “for all to see we are here”.
The mantas are signed “The Last Letter and Señor “40”.
Proceso is reporting that in Guadalupe a group of reporters, correspondents and photographers flocked to report the discovery of a beheaded body, in an empty lot in privada los Limones street in the community of St. Jerónimo, located about 15 kilometers from the capital.
When they arrived at the site, agents of the Federal Police who were at the site let them pass without problems, but as they got closer a Ministerial Police Commander blocked them and ordered the preventive police to get them out and to record their names.
Reporters asked to be allowed to do their job, but the Commander of the Ministerial argued that it was prohibited to take photographs and demanded the agents to get the reporters out by using whatever means necessary.
It was then when one of the police officers raised his AR-15 rifle, while the other barked to reporters: “leave, do not hinder the investigation. Imagine if the dead were a cousin, a brother or family member, you would not like photos to be taken to publish them, right?”
Seemingly, the officer was attempting a new tactic to block freedom of the press, tugging at the heartstrings of reporters. Someone needs to tell the officer that his appeal may be more effective without aiming the AR-15 at the reporters.
“Attention people of Zacatecas
Friends and enemies, Señor 40 is still alive, this won´t be over until it´s over, all this is well structured and managed, nothing happens here and we don´t rearrange anything, Señor 40 is still the leader of his group, solid and well managed and united so neither CDG, Chapos or Michoacános and even less the Chapulines will scare us, and so the people realize who are the kidnappers and extortionists and who are those who harm society, it is those who are led by José Soto alias el Tío and all the Chapulines. Blaming the zetas without the people knowing that they are the real culprits of all the disappeared people. And now we let you know that from now on we are going to show our presence so you know that we are here to finish with the anomalies of said subjects and all those who follow them.”
The last letter- “Señor 40”

Kidnapped Teen Rescued from a Well

On Tuesday a kidnapped 17 year old was rescued from a well. He was kidnapped in Fresnillo, Zacatecas. His father is a judge and the kidnappers had demanded 400.000 pesos.
They stole his car, beat him and threw him in a well in Estación San José, near Fresnillo. On Tuesday morning a man who was working in the fields found the teen in a well and called the authorities. He was rescued and alive and transported to a hospital for treatment.
The victim is named Marco Antonio Sánchez Cordero and his father José Sánchez Aguilera
Source: “ZAC” Proceso NTRZacatecas

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