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Arrest of Knights of Templar Celaya cell leader, El Kalimba,

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July 26, 2013


Celaya. – Attorney General of the State, Carlos Zamarripa Aguirre, confirmed the arrest of a leader of the Knights Templar criminal group and several other members of the organization.

Through his Twitter account, the state prosecutor said the arrest was made in a joint operation of the Immediate Reaction Task Force (GERI) of the Attorney General and the tactical group of the Ministry of Public Security of the State.
“He was arrested in the city of Celaya along with several others involved for the executions of several people last weekend,” the official posted.
In the operation they secured various ballistic equipment and firearms, while detainees are involved in at least eight executions and kidnappings.

Agustín Martínez Hernández, El Kalimba, the principal leader of the The Knights Templar cell in Celaya’s arrest was confirmed yesterday.
The 22 year old, claimed to be a native of Guerrero, Acapulco and was arrested in an operation between the state attorneys office and the state Public Safety Department.
As the head of the Knights Templar’s Celaya plaza, Agustín Martínez Hernández is accused of murdering three people in Jacarandas, perpetrated last Friday. El Kalimba has arrest warrants issued by judges for the first instance in Celaya.
So far Martínez Hernández has proved his participation has been straightforward in five homicides committed with firearms, mostly super 38s .The prosecutor reported that he is being investigated for his alleged involvement in at least six other murders, so thorough research and integration of relevant investigations continue at this time.
At the scene of the arrest, two super .38 guns were seized, a truck, and a Renault SUV reported as stolen in Toluca, State of Mexico. In the operation, also arrested were Luis Gonzalo Andrade Delgado, El Chaparro, 25, a native of Uruapan, Michoacan, and Fabián Castan Cruz, 34, of Celaya, Guanajuato. This cell of the Knights Templar was operating not only in Celaya, but also in the area south of Guanajuato especially in those municipalities close to the border of Michoacan.
The Secretary of State for Public Security, Appendini Alvar Cabeza de Vaca reported that it achieved significant arrest of “boss” of the Knights Templar criminal organization.
For his part, Guanajuato Governor Miguel Marquez Marquez, said that this intervention is a clear sign that Guanajuato has not let down its guard on safety, and there is still very significant coordination between different levels of government, federal, state and municipal.
He continued saying that in the case of Guanajuato, during ongoing monthly meetings with the governors of the zone, it was decided that fortifying and shielding the borders could only possibly be achieved through a coordinated effort.

“We have to be working hard, security is a task for all of us and it must be assumed as such,” the governor of Guanajuato added

Being close to their home territory of Michoacan, it is no stretch that Los Caballeros Templarios are also thoroughly ingrained in neighboring Guanajuato. They communicate readily to citizens and officials with narcobanners. The group even went so far as brokering a respite from violence during the papal visit in 2012. By welcoming the pope to Guanajuato, with their brand of narco communiques hanging from bridges to be visible to his motorcade, they assured he needn’t fear the violence. Of course the banners were immediately removed before the pope even got there and at that time there were no photos. The criminal group’s brazen, in your face manner, makes them no strangers to state law enforcement either. Recent history shows continual arrests of numerous members and leaders by the state security efforts to contain the “cockroach effect.” The arrests are so common, many don’t even bother mentally registering their meaning; simply more of the same.
Last Sept. Mexican law enforcement dismantled a Knights cell with seven safe houses after of summer of criminal havoc in Guanajuato presumed to be used by many responsible for the torching of gas stations, and the repeated burning of the Sabritas delivery trucks, a Pepsico subsidiary , starting earlier that summer in late May.

September 13 2012. – In an exclusive interview Multimedia Image Group , Attorney General in Guanajuato State, Carlos Zamarripa Aguirre confirmed that an important cell of the criminal group “The Knights Templar” was dismembered, when law enforcement captured a dozen subjects, including their leader.

They also took shelter of seven houses where during the investigations security searched the homes and Ministerial Police found the body of a victim, who was buried in the garden of a home in San Miguel de Allende, but so far his identity is unknown .
Zamarripa said that this operation searching for the location of these offenders had been ongoing for about three months.
Along with the arrests, it was possible to detain another criminal group in the city of Irapuato.
He said the detainees in the north, in towns like San Miguel de Allende, Dolores Hidalgo and San José Iturbide San Luis de la Paz are being investigated for crimes such as murder and unlawful deprivation of liberty, and that in some safe houses they found drugs, weapons and vehicles.

Protection for the Guanajuato/Michoacan border
Irapuato, Mexico (May 21, 2013)
In Late May, the Governor of Guanajuato, Miguel Marquez Marquez, announced a special sealing of the Guanajuato border with Michoacán with participation from the mexican military (Army), federal, state, and municipal police officers. The aim being to recover regions occupied by vigilante groups. the Guanajuato governor announced during a working trip, coming directly from a meeting with the new coordinated security group, which involved the Army, PGR, Cisen, the Federal Police, the Attorney General of the State, the Ministry of Public Security of the State, “We are working on a draft, a new protection for a security plan for of the border. We are doing this work, devising a plan on paper. We have 15 days, and we’re following the border of the state, the whole south of the state will be reinforced with details, to provide protection and assistance against possible future repercussions from fortification of the border and increased surveillance in Michoacan. ”

Marquez Marquez said that in at least seven municipalities in the southern part of Guanajuato, there will be an added presence of military details due to the necessity to strengthen security by the federal, state and municipal police. “We’re talking about all municipalities south of Coroneo, Acambaro, Moroleón, Uriangato, Pénjamo, Manuel Doblado, Cuerámaro, which are the areas adjacent to Michoacan,” he specified. When asked if authorities fear “the cockroach effect” by the fortifying areas with armed forces in Michoacan? He replied, Undoubtedly this phenomenon can and does occur. There’s always been this phenomenon which results more strongly in some entities, but we have to do our homework,”

Pertaining to the question of adding special security for the Japanese families who have settled in the state to launch the Honda and Mazda auto plants he said, “We have been watching this issue of security closely, we have talked with them, there is a very close relationship between them and municipal, and state authorities. We’re very mindful that security covers, not only the Japanese plant workers and families, but that there is ample protection for all the people throughout all Guanajuato. Miguel Marquez Marquez launched an appeal to Guanajuato to be careful when traveling to the State of Michoacan.”Always take precautions, be careful because we know the issue of security in Michoacan, it is not easy and you have to take care, that is the call to Guanajuato.” he said.


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