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Michoacán: Bloody Tuesday rolls into Bloody Wednesday 28 Dead in 2 Days

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July 24, 2013

Attacks on Federal Police Continue in Michoacán 26 Dead Tuesday
The world press is finally giving a little attention to the violence outbreak in Michoacán. If they are looking for heroes to write about, they need to concentrate on Michoacána and the fallen heroes of a war as real as any, where some of the bravest souls on the planet reside, clearly the bravest of México. And by reports from the ground, and social media , the Feds have also shown themselves to be honorable and brave. Citizens willing to die for a better life for their children, people caring for people, firefighters whose trucks destroyed or not permitted to pass, hop on pick up trucks and find their way to fire and rescues. Amazing.
10 attacks have been reported so far in the month of July, today’s attacks included a unconfirmed report of an attack on a SSPF helicopter*. The story is very fluid with facts flooding Michoacán noticias news outlets and social media at a pace impossible to keep up with. However, for the past hour the situation is calm.
Federal agents were attacked around noon today, as they were driving along the coastal road of Coahuayana-Lazaro Cardenas, Pichilinguillo a part of the municipality Aquila.

Reports were that at least 2 agents were killed and at least 10 wounded. At around 14:30PM the wounded officers were taken in two helicopters from the Lazaro Cardenas airport to the state capital city of Morelia.

However, there was a flight diversion, and the helicopter landed in the city of Uruapan to assist and transport additionally wounded officers in that location.
Death toll from Tuesday now 26 as 4 officers die from injuries
Yesterday there were 22 deaths from clashes at various points. 10 officers were reported injured and transferred to DF for medical treatment, however, during the transfer 4 of the ten succumbed to their injuries, bringing the death toll to 26 yesterday, 20 deaths were armed gunman, 6 federal agents.
During “Bloody Tuesday” terrified citizens witnessed the towns of Lázaro Cárdenas, La Union, Guerrero and Tumbiscatío being subjected to organized attacks against federal forces. Narco blockades, systematized ambushes, torching of vehicles and heavy artillery shootouts, resulted in 26 deaths and a dozen injuries.
President Enrique Peña Nieto called for an emergency meeting with his administration’s security cabinet
*Update: A reader sent in an article in the Colima Noticias digital edition which reports information consistent with has been reported today. The article in part states:
The downing of a helicopter of the Federal Police in Guanajuatillo community in Apatzingán region was confirmed by reliable sources of the Attorney General of the Republic.
It was learned that the evening of Tuesday, the downing of the aircraft with registration number PF-201 a commissioner of the Federal Police, confirmed a high command of the PGR.
The news source, did not hear about possible casualties, but federal agents were injured, they had to be taken to the Hospital of the 43rd Military Zone
Also, an armed commando stormed the Yak Plaza Casino, Morelia, Michoacán. Several people are reported injured by gunfire, it has not been reported if any deaths occurred in the attack. This is breaking news so few details are available. [Thank you for the heads up reader]

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