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22 Dead in Michoacán Attacks

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July 23, 2013


Two federal officers were killed and 15 injured in six separate attacks by armed men in different parts of Michoacán.
This was confirmed by the National Security Interior through a statement, which also confirmed the killing of at least 20 gunmen who participated in the ambushes.
The statement revealed that the ambushes were conducted by subjects [Templarios] who were based in the hills, while others created blockades using buses and other vehicles. The information from the National Security Committee of Government also indicates that there were attacks on the roads linking the towns of Tumbiscatío and Arteaga, at the height of Puerto El Mamey community and in the Aguaje of the town of de Aguililla and Infiernillo and El Carrizo, Siglo 21 on the highway.


There were four blockades, three on the road to Apatzingán Cuatro Caminos, in the town of Mújica and another in the Lázaro Cardenas-Uruapan road.


Several of the wounded Federal Police were transported to the private clinic Star Medica in Morelia city while federal authority reported that staff, in coordination with the Ministry of National Defense, is still searching for those responsible of these attacks and have strengthened monitoring to ensure the safety of those who travel the roads of the region.

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