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Armed Commmando open fire at Protesters in Los Reyes, Michaocan

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July 22, 2013


We are getting news from Los Reyes, Michaocan where sources report that at about 1330 hours a convoy of heavily armed commandos opened fire on hundreds of protesters killing at least four or five volunteers who were comprised of the “community Police.” It is reported that a large number of people are said to be injured from the gun fire.
Hundreds of members of the community had gathered around the city hall plaza to protest the presence of the organized crime, Los Reyes is a strong hold of Knights Templar who rule the region with violence. The protesters were going to take over the city hall and were wanting to relive of duty most of the municipal police.
The armed commando was said to be heavily armed with high powered rifles and shot at the protesters, mainly targeting the Community Police (CP) members providing security. The CP was wearing white shirts with a message of “For a free Los Reyes.” Numerous victims were tended and the military and federal police arrived within hours to secure the town.


There is a rumor ciculating among Twitter and Facebook that the commando responsible for the massacre are possibly municipal police of Los Reyes and the mayor of the town had fled the area during the protest. The news from the region is sketchy and the only news coming out is from social networks.
The governor of Michoacán, Jesús Reyna, through his Twitter account said that he spoke with the mayor who assured him that currently the town is in the control of the military and federal police. The military general Alberto Reyes has been assigned to provide security to it’s citizens.
There have been increase violent activity in the region and there have been clashes between the CP and the Knights Templar (Caballeros Templarios or CT) who are resisting any effort from all fronts. The CT is fighting to regain lost territory in the region that has prompted President Pena Nieto to reinforce the region with forces from the military and federal police.
People in towns around the region that have no security and can’t rely on the municipal police are getting picked out at random and killed. Suspected members of the CT abduct citizens in the middle of the night and execute them before throwing their heads on the street or hanging them on the entrances to the towns.

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