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32 musicians from Iztapalapa disappear after a trip to Tlaxcala

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July 22, 2013

Nothing is known of the 32 musicians of La Devastadora Banda Imperial, and La Tremenda del Pueblo. Their families are desperate. They’re investigating whether the kidnapping may be narco related.



This scenario feels reminiscent of the disappearance of the 12 youths from the Zona Rosa bar Heaven in Mexico City and of course the tragic kidnapping/murder of Kombo Kolombia.


The missing 32 members of the two bands are between the ages of 15 and 40 years old. They departed from the capital on Sunday, heading to a town in the state of Tlaxcala, near the capital. Members of La Devastadora Banda Imperial were from the neighborhood Paraje Zacatepec, and La Tremenda del Pueblo came from the Santa María Aztahuacán neighborhood, in the Izatapalapa area, of eastern Mexico City. The members were hired by a person who sent a bus to transport them to play a party.
According to the newspaper Excelsior , the bands were hired to play at a celebration in the city of Tlaxcala, about 150 kilometers from the capital. A group of friends went to Tlaxcala, to try to locate the musicians, but until now they were told that there had been no fiesta scheduled in that city.
“What we know is that the contractor explained that one of his conditions was that the two bands ride to the fiesta on the same bus, and they would provide the round trip transportation, and artists would caravan to the event.” said the mother of one of the musicians.

Family members were not concerned about the musicians until last night when one of them sent a text message saying that his bandmates had not been let out and “the people have retained them” without giving further details, but he said that he had escaped . “We tried to communicate with them, but none of our calls and messages were answered,” said one of the mothers.

“All I know is that there was no Tlaxcala fiesta, the people arrived a few hours ago and no one knew of the bands. We do not know what to do or where to look,” said an anguished parent by telephone.

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