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Zetas: San Fernando Plaza Chief Captured with el Tiburon and el Choforo

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July 19, 2013

It has been reported,  that (alias) Goyo Villafranca  has been captured.  Villafranca is the plaza chief for the Los Zetas Cartel.
San Fernando is the Tamaulipas municipality used by the Zetas as ground zero for their human trafficking operation. San Fernando is the site where 265 migrants were kidnapped and murdered.
Goyo and his wife
 The number of 265 is the death toll from two incidents, one is the 193 bodies discovered in mass narco fosa (graves).
Also counted in the 265 tally are the 72 migrants slaughtered and left at an abandoned San Fernando ranch.  Most all of the migrants were economic migrants from Central America travelling through Tamaulipas on passage to the US.  Most were kidnapped from buses originating from various states and passing through several Tamaulipas cities.
Villafranca has worked under the direction of Sergio Ricardo Basurto Peña “el Grande “, who is thought to be one of the newly appointed lieutenants, working under the new leadership of Omar Treviño Morales, aka Z42.  Omar is the brother of the Zetas premier leader Miguel Treviño aka Z40,  captured at 3:45AM on Monday.
The capture was executed in a cooperative and united effort of the state SSP, the Mexican Army, Navy, and PGR
Two others were with Villafranca, and also arrested, they are thought to be el Tiburon and el Choforo (above left), who were also heavily involved in the kidnapping and killing of migrants in the region.
Carnage at a San Fernando Ranch
With this planned, organized capture, it would seem apparent that either someone is singing or as I suggested previously the US is wooing EPN with additional “gifts”.

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