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Z40 Miguel Treviño Morales Captured by Mexican Navy

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July 15, 2013


Navy of Mexico captured in the State of Tamaulipas the premier leader of the Zetas, Miguel Angel Trevino, ‘Z40’ during an operation of precisionThey incident was without a single shot being fired.

Malthus The Spokesman of the national security cabinet confirmed  the detention of Trevino, thanks to the Efforts of intelligence of Mexico.
In press conference, It was  mentioned That ‘Z40’ is suspect of ordering the abduction of 275 migrants, Whose bodies were found in clandestine grave in the municipality of San Fernando in 2010.
I Said That the operation Began at 3 in the morning on a dirt road in the southwest of Nuevo Laredo, 45 minutes later, the navy was able to locate the pick up truck and ordered a Navy helicopter. They were then able to intercept the vehicle, and after some maneuvering, succeeded  in stopping the vehicle..
In the vehicle were Abdon Federico Garcia Rodriguez, Ernesto Reyes Garcia, who accompanied the leader of the Zetas.
The Spokesman said that the operation was conducted without shots being fired,  and added that in the vehicle were $ 2 million in cash, eight long arms, in Aadition to 500 cartridges.
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CONFIRMED: Captured at 3:45AM 27KM west of Nuevo Laredo without a single shot being fired. He was accompanied by two others and 2 million dollars The men with 40 were; Abdon Federico Rodríguez, 29 and  Ernesto Reyes García, 38

Screeenshot Siskiyou_kid and 777
Full  report from authorities breaking all the
new rules of reporting established by EPN
There are seven arrest warrants against Treviño Morales and 12 preliminary Investigations on “alleged” charges of Organized Crime, homicide, torture, money laundering, possession of firearms exclusive of the armed forces and health Offences
Along with Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, were arrested Abdon Reyes Federico Garcia and Ernesto Garcia, who were also transferred is to the Seido.
With respect to the companions of the ‘Z40’, is presumed to be one escort and the other an accountant of the criminal organization.
The original post began here and the remainder is in sequence
Elements of the Secretary of the Navy captured Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, alias ‘Z-40’, on a surprise operation in the city of Nuevo Laredo. naval Information revealed that the arrest was carried out by action through intelligence that ended with the capture of the capo, a founder and past senior within the organization of the criminal group Los Zetas. In the coming hours, the Secretary of the Navy has planned to provide more information on capture.
NOTHING confirmed as yet by authorities.  Proceso just published the story with information from Dallas Morning News.  In that article it states the capture was on Monday.  Rumors however began yesterday.
BB will update as necessary, but this post will give you a forum to comment and add information.
Update:  The Milenio news agency has just published a small report stating that federal and local sources have confirmed to them the capture of Z40, the capture was reported to them as being today.
Update 4:50
Valley News Action 4 News spoke to Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office, Army and Navy.
All three federal agencies told Action 4 News that they did not have any information about such an incident but the Dallas Morning News reports it confirmed Morales-Treviño’s arrest.
The Dallas- based newspaper reports it confirmed the feared Zeta leader’s arrest through from American and Mexican officials.

Strategic Monitoring Alert: Los Zetas Leader Captured
Stratfor sources have confirmed that senior Los Zetas leader Miguel “Z-40” Trevino Morales was captured in Nuevo Laredo and is being transferred to Mexico City. His capture reportedly took place late July 14, though that has not been confirmed. This follows rumors posted on blogs earlier July 15 that Trevino had been either captured or killed. Stratfor sources are warning of the potential for an uptick of violence in Nuevo Laredo, a stronghold of Los Zetas, in response to Trevino’s capture. Stratfor will continue to monitor the situation for additional information.

Update: Translation: The Z-40 will be presented to the media at about 20 hours on the premises of the SEIDO, where the official announcement of his capture will be issued.

Update: Joaquín López-Dóriga has backtracked says now that 40 will not be at a presentation, but an announcement will be made at 20:45 at the office of the ministry of the interior.


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