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Mothers Wretched Search For Daughter Ends after 2 years 2 Months and 20 Days

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July 10, 2013 


Not given answers by authorities, the activist mother visited the imprisoned Zeta plaza chief, “El Cabrito”, and he provided her the horrific answers……

On her Facebook page, Mrs Margarita López wrote with “heart and soul amputated” a dedication to her daughter, Yahaira Guadalupe. She had been searching for her – in this land and among the dead – for two years, two months and 20 days.
For “her girl” (the one in the photo printed in canvas she always carried: large almond-shaped eyes, wedding dress) she was a housewife who became investigator. She spent millions (Mx Pesos) on informants, went to military barracks, visited morgues, studied piles of corpses, faced criminals inside prisons, discovered human trafficking houses, confronted the corruption of the Government; joined the Movimiento por la Paz, marched throughout Mexico and the United States, made two hunger strikes, faced a kidnapping, escaped an assassination attempt and faced two Presidents and their cabinets with the requirement to locate her daughter.
“I found my daughter, yesterday I received the news and I can hardly share this. I hoped that everything was a dream, until the last moment and that my little girl would return to my arms, alive and with that beautiful smile that always characterized her.
my soul is broken in the same way they did with my girl’s body”, and from the deepest of my soul, from the depths of my heart, and if it is true that the curse of a mother has power, I curse a thousand times those vile people who murdered my daughter so brutally, a 19 years old girl who never hurt them, and whose only crime was being from Michoacán, and living in a different State”
She wrote the message after the Argentine Forensic anthropology team confirmed that the decapitated body, which lay in a morgue, was that of her only daughter, who had been taken from her home on April 13, 2011, in Tlacolula, Oaxaca, by a commando of Los Zetas. After four months of testing the badly preserved vertebrae and clavicles it was determined that the DNA from mother and daughter matched.
The corpse had gone through two mortuaries: in Oaxaca, where she was killed, and in México City, where the forensic tests were conducted. Before that, condemns Margarita, her daughter had been buried twice: first by criminals, the second time by personnel of the Attorney of research specialized in organized crime (SIEDO, now SEIDO) of the PGR, who wanted to make a montage to close the case.
For this reason, she accuses the Attorney-General’s Office of having blocked the identification of Yahaira Guadalupe, because the data she had found out contradicted with the site where the body was found, according to the SEIDO.
“My girl now rests and I do not know whether to say thank God, because I expected her to be alive. Where was God when he allowed for her to be tortured and murdered in such brutal a way”, she wrote.
                                             cuitlahuac salinas martinez in photo below
She also wondered when will the officials complicit in the crimes fall and those who “covered up and obstructed the course of Justice and prevent every day thousands of parents from having the opportunity to recover their children, dead or alive”.
On Monday 1, Argentine experts informed about the genetic match. To get to that point she had to press with a hunger strike in November. Allowing the prestigious forensic team to study the corpse, which in the PGR claimed it was her daughter’s, and asked to get it buried without testing.
However, Margarita, in search of her daughter, had gone to Perote prison to talk to el Cabrito, plaza boss of Los Zetas. She begged him to inform her about her daughter.
And he answered: “she was kidnapped, tortured and murdered by our people”. According to what Lopez has told Proceso, el Cabrito said that the Commander of the local police, Honorio Abel Lara Ruiz (who was “arraigado”), had given them the tip that this young woman, newly married to a soldier, was from Michoacán, “had ties with la Familia and was there to help that cartel enter” in Oaxaca.
El Cabrito forwarded her to another prisoner Encarnación Martínez Colorado, el Lagarto, who told her how they tortured her, raped her, left her without eating, made her witness the excavation of her own grave and beheaded her. Also he told her the site where she had been buried, which did not coincide with the PGR finding.
The second hunger strike, last May, was to protest because in the PGR they told her there was no money to do the operative that would allow them to go where she had been told that her daughter was buried.
“When I saw that body I kept telling them that the soil in its tissues was different from the place where she was supposedly found, that´s why I required the proceedings, so we´d go to that place. I did not understand who had wanted to pull her out and bury her again elsewhere. It is now clear to me that, at that time, the kidnappings department of licenciado Gualberto and Rodrigo Archundia was in charge.”
The PGR sent samples to the Argentine specialists in January. When Margarita was heading to the forensic medical service a truck with armed individuals blocked her car, she told Proceso. The escort who was in charge of protecting her managed to maneuver and escape.
The results took four months because the chemicals that workers of the Semefo used to preserve the corpse were too strong: they penetrated the bone forcing the experts to extract mitochondrial DNA, which matched with the mother’s.
Last week, after receiving the genetic results, Margarita faced the holders of the PGR and the Ministry of the Interior. Demanding punishment for those who hindered the investigation, including the former subprocurador Cuitláhuac Salinas, and the person now in charge of SEIDO, Rodrigo Archundia.
From her home in the Michoacán port of Lázaro Cárdenas – where she is preparing the funeral – Margarita López says in a telephone interview: “I was told that they will investigate and will go to the ultimate consequences. I hope they keep their word.
I will not rest until I prove that justice is a mockery, that from September 2011 I´ve been asking for DNA testing, that it wasn´t until November 2012, after a hunger strike, that the SIEDO sent the samples, that they put obstacles for them (the Argentine experts) to come, that it took them a year to do the paperwork and send it, and that this happens to everyone calling loudly for support”.
Now, she says, “I am more convinced that it´s my girl”. But follows with a question: “Everything matches, except for the place where they found her buried. It’s very different, and for some reason the PGR did not want to carry out a survey to verify if the body had been moved.
El Lagarto said that the SEIDO had taken El Vampiro (his accomplice) from where he was in house arrest to point them where they had buried her, probably to bury her elsewhere, so I would stop looking for her. I guess that’s why the SEIDO opposed so much to my survey request”.
Yahaira Guadalupe Bahena López will soon rest near her family in her native Michoacán, the cause of her murder. Her mother, full of “anger, rage” for the days in which her daughter was alone in the morgue, says she will not rest: will continue calling for justice.

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