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11 die in Tamaulipas state

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June 26, 2013
A total of 11 individuals have been killed in separate drug and gang related incidents in Tamaulipas state since Tuesday, according to Mexican news accounts.
Four unidentified individuals were killed in  a gunfight with a Mexican Army detachment in Reynosa Wednesday morning, according to a news report which appeared in the online edition of Milenio news daily.
According to the report, the gunfight took place at about 0900 hrs in Ampliacion Rodriguez colony and then spread on Bulevar Acapulco to Petrolera colony near a school, and finally concluded at around 1015 hrs.

Armed suspects were traveling aboard a Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck, and had apparently fired on a Mexican Army road patrol.  Army return fire killed three.   One of the dead were identified as Javier Antonio Cardenas Lopez, 30, from Sinaloa state.  In the pickup truck, soldiers seized three rifles, 38 weapons magazines, six grenades and  estrellas metalicas or metal stars, which are used to puncture vehicle tires.
One unidentified Mexican Army fusilero was killed and another was wounded.  Additionally five other unidentified civilians were wounded in the crossfire, three of them requiring medical attention.
In San Fernando municipality, a total of five armed suspects were killed in a firefight Tuesday night with a Mexican Army unit.
According to a news account posted on Milenio‘s website,  the gunfight took place at around 2015 hrs near ejido Guadalupe Victoria and El Rancho La Isla, where armed suspects traveling aboard an H3 Hummer fired their weapons on the army patrol.
The dead ages ranged between 40 and 16, and were not identified in the news report.  Five rifles, one grenade launcher, 28 weapons magazines and an undisclosed number of grenades were seized following the firefight.
San Fernando municipality is roughly halfway between Ciudad Victoria, the state capital of Tamaulipas and Matamoros, and has in the past been the scene of some of the bloodiest incidents in the drug war.
Meanwhile, two days ago the body of a Mexican journalist was found dead in Reynosa along with an unidentified female, according to a Proceso wire report which appeared on the website
The partially buried body of El Ciudadano columinist Mario Ricardo Chavez Jorge was found near ejido Santa Clara.  The female companion found with him had been decapitated.
Monday, a total of 52 migrants were rescued from a safe house in Reynosa by a security group, according to Mexican news accounts.
A new report which appeared in the online edition of El Siglo de Durango news daily said that a Base de Operacones Mixtas (BOM) of Policia Federal and state police stopped two suspects, which were traveling aboard a Dodge Avenger sedan.  The suspects revealed the location of the safehouse with the migrants who had been detained at the location.
The news account did not disclose the location of the safe house.  Of the 52, 48 were from Guatemala and two each were from El Salvador and Mexico.
The detainees were identified as Pablo Avellaneda Torres and Luis Angel Perez Sanabria.



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