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Teens Killed After Bullying Nephew of Nacho Coronel

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July 4, 2013

 Two teenagers of 15 years of age were murdered after making fun of the son of a drug trafficker capo.
The General Attorney of the State, Luis Carlos Nájera, indicated yesterday that was the  version was given by a 17 year old teenager that was arrested, off record  he was identified as Isaac, who is implicated in  the disappearance of the minors, which happened two weeks ago.
Initially the teens were reported killed after meeting cartel members about working in the organization.  As it turns out that was only part of the story. Andrés is on left in the photo above.
On June 21st, the teenagers, Luis Antonio Ortiz and Andrés Barba, had arranged to meet at a mall.  As a lure they were invited to a party via facebook.  From there, they were taken to a forest, where they were suffocated, according to the Attorney.
“The teen which we have arrested tells us that the two teenagers mistreated and bullied the son of José Ángel Carrasco Coronel, known as “El Changel”, who had been previously arrested in Mexico City. They were classmates of this young man”,explains Nájera.
“El Changel” (below) is nephew of Ignacio “Nacho” Coronel, chief of drug trafficking that was killed on July of 2010 in Zapopan.
State and federal sources revealed that after the death of the capo, Carrasco Coronel controlled the criminal group “La Corona”, formed with loyal people of “Nacho”Coronel. “El Changel” was arrested in January of 2013.
The Attorney of Jalisco indicated that, according to the investigations, the lured the minors to a Zapopan mall with the promise of working in a criminal organization, which they would be paid between 10 and 20 thousand pesos, and other benefits such as parties where they would have their choice of women. (in orange and blue below)


There are a couple of unofficial reports that go something like this:
Luis, Andres and the son of Changel all go to the private school “Rudyard Kipling”, Changel’s son is in his first year the two other boys are seniors. All three boys are in the same group of friends, however, for whatever reason the two older boys, conducted  an ongoing attack of mocking and bullying the younger child.
Possibly fed up with the personal attacks, Changel’s son called on his friend who did not attend the school for revenge.  His name is Vegas Andres Tovar, (in photo above) nickname “Vega”.
Authorities refer to him as a “Nini” meaning he neither attends school nor works.  His neighbors describe him as a boy who is “polite, quiet and reserved”, who they see each day walking his dog.
Vega created a ruse on facebook contacting the boys and inviting them to a party.  He used the alias “Raul Barajas”.  There are two versions but at least one of the boys, Luis, replied.  The invitation in part read “Friday a party where there will be models and  hostesses, you can choose who you like”.
Taking the bait the high school students met “Raul” and Isaac at the mall, sealing their fate.
The 2nd boy, who was with Vega is named “Isaac” he has been arrested. It is not known if the son of Chanel has been arrested or even his name.

Source used: Reforma-La Jornada Thanks to the reader giving heads up to the FB posting from the Mileno video

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