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Zetas Hang Two CDG One Survives- Zacatecas News Update

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July 2, 2013

First Narco Hanging Reported in Zacatecas
The bodies of two men were hanged early this morning from a bridge over the Calzada Héroes de Chapultepec, just in front of the Administrative City complex, where State Government agencies are located.
According to official information, one of the victims survived the hanging.  Unofficially it was reported that the other one had been shot in the head.
The two men were taken to the pedestrian bridge located in the Calzada de los Héroes, at the height of the Deportiva Norte, in a white Nissan pickup truck, at around 5:40 in the morning
Several men stepped off the truck, hanged the two bodies and left a message declaring that the hanging is due to settling of scores between the Gulf and “Los Zetas” cartel.
The State Government said that a few minutes later agents of the State preventive police and the Municipal police arrived to the area, in addition to Mexican army personnel who cordoned off the area.
Of the two bodies they encountered, one of them was still alive, he was transferred to a hospital.
This incident has happened five days before local elections take place in the State
State Attorney confirms the identification of one of the victims through Twitter
Gerardo Luna de León, alias ‘El Galla’, who appeared hanged and lifeless on the pedestrian bridge by the Ministry of Finances, was responsible for the escape of 10 prisoners from the district prison in Calera, Zacatecas, on 28 April 2012
Through his Twitter account, the Attorney general of Justice of the State (PGJE), Arturo Nahle García, confirmed the man’s identity.
Unofficially, it was reported that the victims were members of the Gulf Cartel, and that there was a message left, containing a warning about working independently. ( going freelance)
Gerardo Luna de León and another man who survived, whose identity has not been revealed, were found at 6 in the morning of Tuesday, hanging above the pedestrian bridge located in front of city administrative offices.
From 2011 in the Zacatecas territory have been reported several settlings of scores among members of the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas cartels, but in recent months these have increased, mainly in Fresnilo.
The appearance of the hanging bodies is the first recorded in Zacatecas.
Who is “El Galla”?


He is originally from Zacatecas, 32 years old; he had a broad record of criminal history dating from 1998 and 1999.  From 2003 to the date he had entered several times to the center of Social Readaptation (Cereso) of Cieneguillas for crimes of qualified theft.
The PGJE on may 3, 2013, offered a financial reward for finding the whereabouts of “el Galla”, who is one of the 2 subjects who had been involved in the evasion of inmates in the district prison of Calera.

At that time in the prison of Calera there were two inmates of federal jurisdiction, since, according to the authorities, these belonged to a criminal organization opposing Los Zetas.

Authorities confirm finding a dead man near the municipal cemetery in Guadalupe

On Tuesday morning the lifeless body of a 35 years old man was found near the municipal cemetery in Guadalupe

With the face disfigured as a result of the severe beatings he received, the man was found at 9 am on Tuesday, near the municipal cemetery Jardines de Guadalupe.
Unofficial sources reported that the body was allegedly beaten and dragged with a van, since fingerprints and traces of it were found in the place.
Apparently, the discovery was reported by masons who perform construction work in the interior of the cemetery, who arrived at 8 am.
Municipal police in Guadalupe, State preventive police and Metropolitan Police cordoned off the place, while waiting for the arrival of the expert service staff.
Authorities confirmed discovery and give additional  information
Through a press release authorities confirmed that on Tuesday morning, near the Municipal pantheon of Guadalupe, was found the lifeless body of a man, 35 years old.
The report was made by the man in charge of the cemetery, who first requested an ambulance, however rescuers saw the body had no vital signs, and requested the presence of judicial authorities.
At the scene, on the road that leads to the community of Sauceda de la Borda, arrived elements of the State preventive police and the municipal police of Guadalupe, who cordoned off the area to protect the evidences.
Experts from the Attorney General of Justice of the State made the lifting of the body to subsequently move it to the facilities of the Amphitheatre of the Ministerial police.
The body found by the municipal cemetery was identified as Rafael García Cordero, domiciled in the municipality of Trancoso.
This person, along with 3 others, had been arrested on June 28, by elements of the preventive State Police (PEP) and put at the disposal of the competent authorities, when they were detected by a convenience store at Avenida México, inside a taxi from Trancoso, where they were transporting more than one kilogram of marijuana.
Man executed in the community of Nuevo Laredo, aka Rancho Gil, Fresnillo

A man was executed on a dirt road that leads to the community of Nuevo Laredo, less than a kilometre from the carretera federal 45, at the height of the vehicular bridge de la Muerte; at the time of publishing these news he remained as unidentified.

The inhabitants of this community heard on Sunday morning gunfire and the engines of several pickup trucks, unknown to them. There are more than a hundred people in this village, who are engaged in livestock and agriculture, and it´s a community that stands out for not being target of violent acts.
A group of 10 men from the aforementioned community gathered at 05:30 am, to check the dirt road where the trucks and gun shots were heard.
One meter away of a cattle guard and on the main dirt road to the community coming from the highway they saw a man lying on the ground, and when they approached noticed he had been shot several times and was lifeless.
They immediately reported to the emergency system 066 and waited for the arrival of elements of the Municipal Public Security Directorate.
The dirt road was cordonned off by the preventive police, who were awaiting experts and the agent of the public prosecutor’s Office, as well as judicial police.
In the ministerial report, the lifeless body of the man was laying on his right side, had a hole produced by a firearm projectile.
It was released on the basis of field investigation that the person who was found lifeless was executed in the dirt road by armed men, and according to the authorities, it would have been a settling of scored between suspected members of organized crime.
In the review of his clothes it wasn´t found any official document to determine his identity and place of origin. He is a man, about 30 years old, regular built, of a height of one metre 70 cm, light brown skin, round face, short black straight hair, medium forehead, semi thick arched eyebrows, medium straight nose, mustache and beard, as well as medium-sized mouth and thick lips.
He was wearing a polo type t-shirt in coffee color, blue jeans, belt of black leather, untied white tennis shoes and no socks.
The corpse was transferred on Sunday morning to the medical forensic service (Semefo), for the realization of the necropsy and the process so that he is identified by some relative.
It should be noted that in the last two weeks 31 corpses have been found in the municipality of Fresnillo alone, who have died in the fight between two antagonistic groups of organized crime and also against the military, a figure never registered before in the municipality.
PEP and Sedena find human remains in Tortuguillas, Fresnillo
On Saturday afternoon, the preventive State Police (PEP) and Mexican army troops found skeletal remains in the Tortuguillas community
The State agents found human remains while performing tasks of surveillance and reconnaissance of the area between some land plots between the communities of Tortuguillas and Epazote, in Fresnillo, at approximately three kilometers from a dirt road.
Seeing the mobilization of the security corporations, locals left their respective homes to see what was happening.
Elements of the 90th seventh (97) infantry battalion of the Secretariat of national defense (Sedena) ioned the police deployment, and began to work in coordination with the PEP.
While searching the area they found some clandestine graves with human remains.
In the place there was a skull, part of a thorax box comprising trunk, pelvis, vertebrae and ribs, also bones apparently of a hand and a dental prosthesis with metallic material, along with a red and white cooler apparently with bloodstains inside.
Both State officials and the military cordoned off the place and waited for the agent of the public prosecutor’s Office and experts, who lift the remains then take them to the Semefo, where there will be some DNA studies.
June, the most violent month this year in Fresnillo with 32 victims of narco violence
After the events of insecurity that have been registered in the last two weeks, Juan Manuel Loera López, Assistant regional Attorney of Justice, called June as the most violent month so far this year. between executions and shootouts, 32 people lost their lives.
Loera López agreed that in the field of security Fresnillo is neglected, as municipal officials do not have the ability to attend this type of events and there is no presence of elements of the State preventive police (PEP).
The official reported that in 2013, there have been 64 violent deaths, the majority linked to organized crime, and in comparison with 2012, this figure is on the rise, since the previous year ended almost with that same number of deaths of this kind.
In the municipality there are elements of the 97th infantry battalion, as well as the Secretary of Navy of Mexico (Semar), which, as the public server said, are referred to as corporations of reaction, since their function is not crime prevention, but to react to facts.
“Preventing requires direct intervention of the municipality; the Constitution gives them that responsibility and also the State has certain responsibilities,”argued Loera López.
He justified that State authorities are “just” getting organized in the field of security in the municipality, that´s why, he declared, he hopes PEP officers arrive soon, while recognizing that this is complicated due to the size of the municipality (5372 km² and 242 communities, besides the city of Fresnillo).
Facing the bloody scenario and the little presence of the federal Public Ministry, the State Attorney Office occasionally has had to neglect their work in ordinary crimes.
“As Attorney we have to cope with this situation, respond and act as soon as possible,” he said.
A week away from local elections, the vice Attorney General said that clashes between federal forces and subjects related to criminal cells cn´t be linked with the elections, because insecurity has not only prevailed in the municipality, but at State level too, therefore, he said,  the problem will possibly continue.
The official asked the population not to expose themselves to danger at night, because the majority of the events have taken place in the first hours of the day, and mentioned as example the shooting occurred in La Paz and segunda de Oaxaca streets, in colonia Industrial, on Thursday June 27, where eight armed men were killed, said.
Another of the most recent cases happened this Saturday at midnight in the colonia Lienzo Charro, where Mexican army troops stumbled upon criminals, prompting three dead, a detainee, a liberated person – who is presumed had been kidnapped – and a pickup truck with an arsenal.
Corpses remain unidentified
In the cold room of the forensic medical service (Semefo) there were until Sunday June 30, 11 unidentified bodies, plus the calcified human remains that have been found in recent days throughout the highland communities of Fresnillo.
“We have multiple people disappeared in the municipality and we, without obligation, offer them the genetic service, whereby through DNA tests bodies can be identified when tests come positive,” added the Attorney General of Justice.
Juan Manuel Loera López stressed that this process is long and said to ignore how many individuals have found their lost beloved ones with this type of study, which costs approximately 15 thousand pesos each and are paid by the Attorney General of Justice of the State.

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