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Veracruz: Zetas Send Warning of Pending Bloodbath

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June 29, 2013 

At least 6 “narco banners” signed by “los zetas”, were found in the states of Puebla, Veracruz and Edo of México.  In the banners  the Zetas boast of their power in those territories and claimed responsibility of  killing the leader of “Los Rojos”, José Nava Romero. ( photo below)
In one of the Banners they talk about the selling of the Puebla Plaza (square) by a public servant from the government of Puebla, in addition they say the Governor Rafael Moreno Valle is well aware that the plaza was sold to the “Beltranes.”
“Moreno Vallezzzzz your people betray us by selling the plaza to the fucking Beltranes, that’s why we killed “El Rojo” in Cholula so you can learn respect, and there will be a zzzzzzzzz Blood Bath this Sunday”.
“Governor Moreno, Valle Plaza belongs to ZZZ and you know this, if you betray us we will kill the fucking Beltranes to teach you how to respect and there will be blood”.
Read Texcoco full post here source: AcentoVeiniano

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