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8 Found Murdered in 3 Coahuila Cities

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June 30, 2013

Torreon: The bodies of five people were found this morning on State Road No. 84, branch to the Cueva de Tabaco, in Matamoros, Coahuila state Attorney reported.
According to the PGJE, at 07:00 a report was received about the location of five bodies.  The elements of the Investigative Police were dispatched; criminalists and the prosecution team of the PGJE arrived and initiated the investigation.
The victims were four men and one woman, aged between 25 and 35 years old. In the neck area of the back of the head, the bodies’ bore injuries that were obviously from bullet impacts.
The authorities also acknowledged locating a message written on a card, but its content was not released.
The bodies were transferred to University Hospital for performing the autopsy.
Monclova: In the early hours of Sunday, two bodies were discovered in an abandon ranch in Colonia Otilio Montaña.  Both of the deceased are males, one with the estimated age of 55 the other 30-35. Bothe men bore signs of torture before death, and both bodies were found bound at the hands and feet. Identification is unknown.

Saltillo: A charred body was found inside an SUV in a vacant lot in Colonia Morelos. According to preliminary investigation,  about 6:40 in the morning  the State Emergency System, 066, received several calls from neighbors reporting that a truck was on fire. The authorities did not provide any information about the identity, or sex of the body found inside the  truck.

After collecting the evidence, the public prosecutor ordered the removal of the body and its transfer to the Medical Service facilities, for an autopsy.

Sources: GarzaLimon-Vanguardia-Milenio

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