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Legionarios Offer Rewards for Information Leading to Zetas

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June 27, 2013



Los Legionarios offer 50 thousand dollars for a plaza boss and 5 thousand for halcones or sicarios.

Los Legionarios reappeared in the main cities of Tamaulipas. In Reynosa, Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros and Ciudad Victoria where they placed mantas offering million-dollar rewards for information that leads to the capture the zeta leaders, halcones and policemen who work for the criminal group.
In their mantas, los Legionarios make a call to society for the location and destruction of Los Zetas.
For example, for the brothers Treviño Morales, Miguel Ángel (Z-40) and Omar (Z-42) they offer a million dollars for any information to find their location.

For a plaza commander, los Legionarios offer 50 thousand dollars, halcones and sicarios five thousand, and the same for police chiefs or former elements of the municipal police in collusion with Los Zetas.
Similarly, they offer 5 thousand dollars for information of night clubs, bars, and shops used to launder drug money.
“Any information from any “plaza” is valuable. In Nuevo Laredo, in particular, you already know where to report that we are checking it… it is about time you respect the society and especially in Nuevo Laredo”, reads one of the mantas.
Los Legionarios invited other cartels and especially Daniel Velázquez Caballero, L-52 or El Talibancillo, brother of Iván Velázquez Caballero (above left), Z-50 or the Talibán.
In October of 2012, after the arrest of el Talibán, the territorial cells under his command, that were once part of Los Zetas, went to form a group antizeta, called los Legionarios, which threatens with exterminating Miguel Angel Treviño Morales, Z-40.

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