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7 Killed as the CDG-Zetas Nightmare Continues in Fresnillo

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June 28, 2013


Shootout in Fresnillo resulting so far in 7 deaths.
Fresnillo, Zac- Big mobilization of the Secretary of the Navy and State and federal police forces reported right now, after a bloody clash in Fresnillo between subjects allegedly linked to organized crime, elements linked to Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel.
Unofficial reports inform of seven dead, five would have fallen in Puebla Street, in the historic center of this city, and two more in La Paz street, in colonia Industrial.
People are asked to avoid going outside at the moment, since marines and other security forces are carrying out operations throughout the city.
Past 11 pm the State Government issued a statement with official information about the clash.
Around 21:00 on Thursday a clash between antagonistic groups of organized crime in the city of Fresnillo started, with a balance of five dead men and seize of various long weapons, grenades, and ammunition.
The events began at the corner of the streets of La Paz and Jalpa, at colonia Industrial, where there were the lifeless bodies of two men.
A chase ensued among members of the two rival groups at colonias Palomares, Las Americas, FOVISSSTE and Lagunilla, where some of them encountered elements of the 79 battalion of infantry and the Ministerial police, and three of the assailants were killed.
At that site, almost at the crossroads of Reforma street in colonia Lagunilla, a pick up truck was seized, as well as ten AK 47s, six AR 15, three grenade launches, two grenades calibre 40, 53 chargers for AK 47 and 16 for AR 15.
Elements of the 97 infantry battalion, SEMAR, Ministerial police and State preventive police were deployed to the area.
On Thursday, early in the morning, a man was found executed in Valdecañas, Fresnillo
The corpse of a man, about 35 years old, with two shots in the head, was found Thursday morning in the community of Valdecañas, at the side of the road to Saucito del Poleo.
It was about 6:30 hours when the deputy delegate of that community was notified by some residents about the presence of a body.
They immediately reported to the emergency system 06 , whereby police were dispatched.
Two municipal police patrols arrived and verified the discovery.
Agents of the State Ministerial Police (PME) arrived, as well as forensics, who transported  the corpse.
So far it´s unknown who killed him, the body bore signs that the man had been tortured first,  then transported  to the site where he was executed.
Additional information from Proceso:
Five suspected hitmen killed, once members of the Gulf cartel and Los Zetas as clashes erupted on Thursday night in different parts of the city of Fresnillo.
Two men were killed after a prolonged chase between criminal groups, and three others were killed when the assassins encountered elements of the 97 infantry battalion of the army and agents of the Ministerial police who were mobilized when citizens reported the clashes.
After the clashes, security corporations found a pick-up truck which was abandoned in Reforma street, loaded with grenade launchers, ten AK-47, six R-15 rifles, grenades, as well as scores of magazines and cartridges.
The first reports were made around nine o’clock in the evening. Neighbors of the colonia Industrial reported shootings and a chase between several vehicles, which continued through other streets.
At one point,  at Jalpa and La Paz streets there were the bodies of killed, but the confrontation continued in the colonias of Las Américas and Fovissste, among others.
However, at La Lagunilla the criminal suspects met the elements of the 97 infantry battalion and the PM who had been mobilized, and started another firefight.
Three of the alleged assassins were riddled with bullets.
In the morning it had been reported the discovery of a man executed with a shot to the head, whose body was abandoned on a road in the community of Valdecañas, Fresnillo municipality.
In the last two weeks there have been conflicts attributed to the dispute of the plaza between these criminal groups.
Last week at least 12 victims were counted in different skirmishes both in the city of Fresnillo and in several communities, such as Estación Gutierrez, where in a clash occurred on Thursday 20th  eight people died.
Sources used to write this post: LasNoticiasya-NZRZacatecas-El Circo

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