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La Mochomera; “El Dos Letras” ; Narcoviolence in Sinaloa

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June 21, 2013
Today one of our collaborators was contacted on our Facebook page by someone that identified himself as “El Dos Letras”, leader of the group known as “La Mochomera”, a group that has a presence in the state of Sinaloa.
The person that identified himself as “El Dos Letras” manifested that he has reached out to various media outlets for an interview. Till now none have responded.
He solicited a spot on this channel to give his version of the reasons behind the rising violence in the state of Sinaloa. We present to you his opinions and interview. Grillonautas and Rednoticiero are not the voice of organized crime.
Like any media outlet that doesn’t censor it is our duty to inform on all opinions and all types of voices. For that reason we publish this information. Thank you.
Grillonautas Mexico: According to information available, El Dos Letras is the leader of La Mochomera, group that operates in the state of Sinaloa, and part of the Beltran Leyva cartel. Is that correct? Dos Letras Mochis: Yes that is correct.
Grillonautas Mexico: We assume we are interviewing the leader of this group, so then what is happening in Sinaloa at this moment? According to you, what is causing the rise in violence?
Dos Letras Mochis: That’s right I continue to be the leader. The violence is the result of territorial disputes or “fighting for the plaza” as it is known.
Grillonautas Mexico: According to information from authorities, the fight for the plaza is against the group “Los Mazatlecos” is that right?
Dos Letras Mochis: No. The group “Los Mazatlecos” was a group organized  by Juan Pablo, who was killed in a shootout. Los Mazatlecos were well known but no longer exist in what is Los Mochis. La Mochomera was formed and I, El Dos Letras, am the leader.
Grillonautas Mexico: So then the group Los Mazatlecos led by Chapo Isidro, according to authorities, doesn’t exist anymore?
Dos Letras Mochis: No. I repeat that group no longer exists. Los Mazatlecos were also a part of the Beltran Leyva cartel as is la Mochomera today.
Grillonautas Mexico: Who are you fighting against for the plaza?
Dos Letras Mochis: Against Carrasco, El Bravo and El Pinguino, they are Chapo Guzman’s sicarios.

Grillonautas Mexico: Why were the two officers, found dead yesterday and left with a message from El Dos Letras, killed?

Dos Letras Mochis: Because they worked for Chapo Guzman and for Jesus Carrasco Ruiz.
Grillonautas Mexico: Jesus Carrasco Ruiz, police commander of Los Mochis, suffered an attempt on his life in May. Were you guys responsible for this attack?
Dos Letras Mochis: Yes. Well a small group was.

Grillonautas Mexico: How was the group you lead created? How was it founded and for how long have you been operating in Sinaloa?

Dos Letras Mochis: La Mochomera has always existed. The Dos Letras group was formed the day Juan Pablo was killed. Someone had to stay in charge of the plaza.
Grillonautas Mexico: You say you have solicited interviews and were denied. What do you wish to communicate?
Dos Letras Mochis: That’s right I have solicited interviews. I have even ordered my men to call the radio stations saying I want a spot to talk. The only reply I received was from a news agency saying “Nobody is going to interview you. Can’t you see the press is owned by the government? If you were a public servant you would have your interview.”
I want to reach out to the people of Los Mochis and the families affected by the daily violence.
Grillonautas Mexico: What message are you trying to convey, exactly?
Dos Letras Mochis: To all the families and friends that have experienced something like this, I ask that you unite in a single voice. That they come to your channel. They can do it too thanks to the page I made.
First I made Mochomera_Mochis and it was erased and now its Dos Letras_Mochis. I have received a great deal of messages from people giving me the locations of those that are up to no good. People say the authorities neglect them.
They are beat up. And families claim that the municipal police or ministerial pick people up and they’re later found dead in canals or on the side of the roads. That work is for us criminals and also drug sales. We have never extorted anyone. That is punishable in our company.
But that chief of police from Los Mochis apart from receiving his police salary is nothing but a criminal. The people we have captured have confessed to working for him. They’ve told us how he operates and how he makes them sell drugs and charge a “piso” to prostitutes. They extort people.
Dos Letras Mochis: And he doesn’t act alone. Last week the military came to a house in Los Mochis. To be exact in the Alameda neighborhood. There they found six armed people and six cars. Linea Directa published the incident about the people and cars detained. The people were never presented. Where did they go? Who ordered that they not be presented? It’s a mystery.

Grillonautas Mexico: You confirm that Comandante Jesus Carrasco is involved with the Sinaloa Cartel?

Dos Letras Mochis: That’s right we confirm this. Not only us, the people from Los Mochis have seen this but they stay quite because of the threats. The people we have captured also say they work for him. They also mention other police commanders like Jesus Medina Gastelum, Ulices Nunes, someone that goes by the name Camilo, another they call Pina.
They’re all active police that instead of arresting bad people are out on police trucks with 4 people in the front cabin and 5 on the bed of the trucks guarding the “tienditas” (Dope Houses) that belong to Carrasco. They’re all allies and instead of serving the people they serve Carrasco. How can you imagine that in a police truck they traffic all of that?
Dos Letras Mochis: Not only does he sell drugs he organizes the kidnappings.
Grillonautas Mexico: You say that it is possible to stop all this violence. How would this be possible? And you also say you could negotiate with authorities. What do you mean? Are you willing to negotiate with the authorities?
Dos Letras Mochis: Of coarse I would be willing. Grillonautas Mexico: With what authorities are you willing to negotiate? Military, Marina, PGR?
Dos Letras Mochis: HAHAHA   Truth be told I don’t think so with the military. PGR neither, they’re all corrupt. I would like to negotiate with someone more untouchable, for example the president Enrique Pena Nieto. Grillonautas Mexico: La Tuta had a similar plan and the government responded that they would not negotiate with organized crime. According to you, what would the solution be so that peace returns to this zone? Dos Letras Mochis: There’s no other way than to change the police chiefs. That they be from somewhere else and that not even we could count on them. And Chapo neither. That they do their job. That if they see someone selling drugs or armed that they not ask “Are you with this one or that one”.
That they be straight and they investigate Carrasco and Chuy Tono. How is it possible that the police chief is a criminal? Chuy Tono had 26 warrants and was a chief. So a killer leaving prison can be president?
That we be governed by trained people but most importantly that they investigate Carrasco. They where in charge of taking drugs to Navolato. They would use the police trucks to take it to Los Mochis from Culiacan
Grillonautas Mexico: Do you have concrete evidence of the police chief’s involvement like a picture or video etc? Being honest your testimony will be discredited because of your links to organized crime.
Dos Letras Mochis: I know I will be discredited. I only have videos of people confessing to working for him and all I have told you.
Dos Letras Mochis: Do you have the images I uploaded to Mundonarco? Of the 5 people that we threw in Jahuara?
Grillonautas Mexico: The article from El Debate is in our channel. We can’t publish violent images on Youtube. They’re not part of our editorial.
Mundonarco, Blog del Narco, Tierra Narco are not part of our team. They’re sites that we only use as a source of information.  Dos Letras Mochis: Ok on my page you will find the message I left on the bodies in case the media didn’t publish it. Or the government didn’t allow it. I have the image of the message only. Grillonautas Mexico: Why were the people that were found today killed?
Dos Letras Mochis: They belonged to the opposition. They were sicarios for Chapo Guzman. We captured them with a bulletproof car and high powered weapons. They were responsible for transporting drugs to Ahome from the capital (Culiacan). They worked for the Carrasco Ruiz cartel.
Grillonautas Mexico: Is there another group that you are fighting for the plaza besides the Sinaloa cartel?
Dos Letras Mochis: Los Mazatlecos, the people that were with Samuel were Beltranes but after the death of Juan Pablo they aligned themselves with the municipal police, with Carrasco. Chapo Guzman is financing the war. It started when Mario Lopez Valdez became governor. He had meetings with Chapo and they started fighting for Los Mochis against us and tried to win the plaza.
Grillonautas Mexico: In what parts of Sinaloa is the group you lead operating? When did this war against the Sinaloa Cartel start?
Dos Letras Mochis: We’re present in most of Sinaloa except Culiacan and Mazatlan. The war started three years ago but our biggest fight is for Ahome. Since Carrasco became commandante we started fighting and since Chuy Tono became chief of ministerial police. He has six warrants and has failed trust exams. He’s still a commandante. Is that even possible?
Grillonautas Mexico: What are those warrants you mention for? In what state or city? What type of charges?
Dos Letras Mochis: But against the Sinaloa cartel it all started since Chapo betrayed Mochomo and he was arrested.
I really don’t know but since the attempt against Carrasco the Guasave authorities manifested against the Ahome authorities and they expressed that he had six warrants. For what crimes I don’t know but he has warrants.
Grillonautas Mexico: Thank you. What where the circumstances or reasons that led you down this path? Why did you get involved in organized crime?
Dos Letras Mochis: Since I was a kid I lived in the sierra. I was born and raised in marijuana growing. It’s a way to survive for people like us. There was no other employment for us. When we used to grow marijuana I met Chapo Guzman. Back then he would buy our plants and sell them. It’s what I know how to do and I will keep doing it.
Grillonautas Mexico: You met Chapo Guzman? What is he like? Did he pay well?
Dos Letras Mochis: Of course I know him and he knows me too. He didn’t pay well. Now that we grow, export, and distribute all that we make, our profits went up 300%. He never paid us what was right. Until we got to know the market we found out. Now we’re his nightmare. hehehe
Grillonautas Mexico: The “business” that you mention makes you big profits? Could you tell as how much?
Dos Letras Mochis: Well it varies. There’s a lot of people involved that need to be extorted. hehehe But in this business you live like a king. You give yourself so many luxuries that I could never finish explaining. What a politician or president makes in a month I make in a week. The deals we make are for millions. Grillonautas Mexico: What is your greatest fear? Your greatest satisfaction? How do you see yourself in the future?
Dos Letras Mochis: My biggest fear is to be poor again. And my greatest satisfaction is helping people from my hometown. I admire people that work honestly. I have even donated tractors to them etc etc… Seeing humble people succeed is my satisfaction. In the future I see myself like Pablo Escobar or Alfredo Beltran, they are my idols.  hehehe
Grillonautas Mexico: Do you sleep good at night? Nightmares? Dos Letras Mochis: I’ve never had nightmares. I sleep so good sometimes I don’t get up till noon! hehehe Los Mochis is my home now.
Grillonautas Mexico: How can one live peacefully with the police after you and rivals too?
Dos Letras Mochis: My people take care of me. Another one of Carrasco’s men has fallen in Los Mochis close to my home, it’s about to be on the news. The police stops them and they say “We’re JCR;s people” and they get to leave.
But this time my people got them. Check the news. Grillonautas Mexico: One last question… How does it feel to kill someone? Do you have any guilt?
Dos Letras Mochis: I only kill people that need to be killed for example extortionists or rivals. I have them in front of me and give the order and sometimes I kill them myself. I look at them and think that could be me. So that’s why I don’t think twice. I know that person could be me.
Grillonautas Mexico: Something else you would like to add?
Dos Letras Mochis: When you kill someone and find out that person was not involved or simply was a victim of the job that dies in crossfire etc. etc. that’s when you feel the guilt and we try to fix the damage. I don’t know by helping the family or being at their service that’s how I cure my conscience.
Dos Letras Mochis: For now that is all, only about the news that a motorcyclist is dying at this moment and soon it will be made public.
Grillonautas Mexico: One last question. You said you would negotiate with Enrique Pena Nieto. What would you say to him if he was in front of you?
Dos Letras Mochis: That he cleanse the system that is governing if he wants to reduce crime. And that he clean the mess the other president left.  hehehe
And that he look into who is doing wrong or something. I don’t have any record. They don’t even know who I am. They only know me as Dos Letras. Can I run for president then? And that he investigate the government and put them to work on what they’re supposed to, not selling plazas and drugs.
That’s my job right?



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