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Attorney General: There are Clues to the Whereabouts of the Tepito 12

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June 22, 2013


“Corpses found in suburb zones of the city resemble some of the abducted”
After three weeks of investigation of the disappearance of 12 people of Tepito in the bar Heaven of the Rose Zone, the Attorney General of Justice of DF (PGJDF) assured that there are some “clues” to assist finding them.
The attorney from DF, Rodolfo Ríos Garza avoided  details– because, according to him, he has the commitment of informing first the relatives of the disappeared about the developments of the case- and he pointed out that corpses found in the suburb zones of the city resemble some of the young people allegedly“abducted”.

In an interview, the capitol employee informed that the testimony of Jorge Ortiz was already taken. Jorge Ortiz, El Tanque, is the father of Jerzy Ortiz, of 16 years old, who allegedly was the main objective of the abduction, last May 26th in Heaven Bar.

Ríos Garza denied giving details of the testimony of El Tanque, since it is part of the investigation. The individual accused of participating in a group of drug dealers and extortionists in Tepito, is arrested in a jail of Hermosillo, Sonora.
In an interview with El Universal, Leticia Ponce, wife of El Tanque, said during a phone conversation that her husband demanded authorities locate his son – which he had not seen for about two years-, and asked that they not hold back efforts to find him.
The woman revealed that she already consulted with her husband the possibility of the disappearance of their son is a vengeance, but both of them reject that  because “ that would have been done a long time ago and only against Jerzy. And why then would  the other 11 people be taken?” She asked.
About the possible relation of the disappearance of her son and 11 more people with the Union Cartel, she said: “I don’t know anything about the cartel, the only thing that I know is that my son was in that place, at that time, I don’t know about anything else”.
On its part, PGJDF fortifies the line of investigation that connects the murder of Horacio Vite Angel, El Chaparro, in the bar Black, last May 24, with the disappearance of the 12  in Tepito in the Rose Zone, two days later.
According to the investigations, Vite was distributing drugs in different bars of the Rose Zone and the Condesa Colonia, among them Black and Heaven Bars. At Heaven he said, the contact was Ismael Garcia Polo, aka “El Polo”, manager of the bar, and on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays would let him know if it was worth it to go and sell his merchandise.
During the investigations, the owner of the Black, known as José Z, affirmed that he didn’t know that Vite was selling drugs in his business. He said that his employees are in charge of operating the place and he only is in charge of administration for the  business.
Mario Ledesma, “El Mosquino”, majority partner of Heaven, revealed that he allowed  the sale of drugs  in the business because the group of drug dealers of La Union threaten harm to him if he opposed.
He even confessed that Vite was one of the men that delivered the drug to his clients and that El Polo was who organized the “pick up” of the  Tepito citizens.
The declarations of both individuals are part of the investigations initiated by the homicide of Vite and the disappearance of the 12 people of Tepito, according to the publications of  La Razon.
Vite was murdered outside of the Black, last May 24th, when he was trying to enter the bar to sell his merchandise. One of the lines of investigation that follow the PGJDF is that the 12 young men of Tepito were “picked up” as retaliation  of the homicide.
However, the capital authorities insist that the matter is a fight between gangs and not between cartels or members of organized crime.
Source: Proceso

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