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A 4-month-old baby, his mother and hwer maid suffocated, executed and slaughtered in Villahermosa

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June 19, 2013


Villahermosa, Tabasco. – A  baby just four months, his mother and the maid were killed yesterday afternoon  in Tabasco. The three were found in his home, located in the hamlet  Ixtacomitán, located on the outskirts of Villahermosa, according to a police  report.
Police said the body of Mrs. Ruth  Mariana Torres, 39 years old, was found in the residence hall with various  injuries, while those of the baby just four months and the employee of 27 years  were found in one of the bedrooms. ‘s multihomicidio that has  shocked Tabasco, was convicted of Governor Arturo Nunez, who lamented the bloody  events and instructed to punish to the full extent of the law those  responsible.

The report states that a neighbor police noticed that the door  of the house was open and they could observe signs of violence, so that  immediately gave notice to the police on Tuesday around 7:00 pm. police authorities were at the scene reported that a woman was found in the  master bedroom and had four bullet wounds, one in the head and three in the  chest, while the baby was found strangled in his room, lying on her crib and on  the floor the headless body of the employee. Though authorities did  not disclose the research or further details about the motive for the crime,  sources close to the house said they needed a vehicle Chevrolet Cruze white  type, Campeche-registered, so it is presumed theft, although it is the motive of  revenge for the violence with which they were finalized. Based on  these facts, the chief of the guard house at the private was arrested by  ministerial, that issue a report of persons and vehicles entering during the  day, and according to his first statement no outsider had entered the  subdivision. According to accounts of victims’ families, the  husband of Ruth Mariana, named Erick Salazar Oropeza, was working since last  Monday on a platform in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, as coordinator of a TNC. Yesterday was notified of the tragedy. They reported  that the last contact they had with Ruth was around 12:00 yesterday, so it is  presumed that the crimes were executed about 13:00 pm, why and could not go in  search of the eldest son, eight-year primary school, who was saved by this fact. Mariana Ruth bodies and little daughter are veiled in the living  room two Villahermosa Memorial Campus, whereas that of Ana would be transferred  to the community of La Lucha Cunduacán, where it originates.



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