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Three gunmen killed and a policeman wounded in a shootout

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June 19, 2013

A killing three civilians  and a soldier wounded was the result of a shootout in the vicinity of the  settlement of Capulin, Cotija municipality.
The incident took place yesterday  afternoon when military elements were conducting a security patrol that ranch,  and when driving in the vicinity of the colony La Rinconada encountered several  heavily armed. Soldiers to mark them high criminal suspects, they  immediately fired their weapons which led to a shootout that lasted several  minutes, causing panic among the residents.

The alleged hit men to  see that lost three members, fled immediately without being able to be stopped. At the site there were three dead bodies inside a late model truck  into the street, as well as hundreds of shell casings of different calibers,  being under the sheltered situation of the military. Apparently a  soldier was injured, it was taken to a local hospital for medical care and so  far unknown health status. The site is presented Agent of Public  Prosecutions to the vicinity of the colony La Rinconada, in the town of El  Capulin for the actions of law, besides making the lifting of the three bodies,  which are as unknown, which were transferred to SEMEFO local where they will  remain until they are identified.



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