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Increases in the execution of women because illegal drugs

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June 18, 2013

TIJUANA, Baja California  During 2013, 29% of women who have been murdered in Baja California are related  to drug sales and drug trafficking.
According to statistical information  of the Deputy Against Organized Crime (ODST) of the Attorney General of the  State (PGJE) the relationship of women with drug trafficking is increasingly  direct. The detailed ODST that from January to May this year, in  California there have been at least 24 murders of women, of the 230 recorded in  the same period in the five municipalities of the state.
Tijuana is the city  where there have been 60% of the violent deaths of women, with 15 of the 24  reported homicides until the last day of May. Detailed figures of deaths a month throw that two murders were in January, 3 in February and March 5, this being the highest; another 3 murders of women occurred in April and May were 2 women killed. ‘s second municipality with more murders of  women is Mexicali, where there have been 6 cases in different parts of the state  capital, one in January, 2 in March, one in April and two in May. In Ensenada has only been recorded murder in January, and 2 in Rosarito Beach ,  in the city of Tecate have not killed any women. According to ODST,  of the 24 women murdered in Baja California has was found that seven of them  have some connection with drug trafficking or drug sales on a smaller scale . This is how you get that 29% of women murdered so far in 2013 in  the state are related to unlawful situations, it is even a greater percentage  than last year. In 2012, from January to May were reported 40 women  murdered in Baja California, but this year, however, only 16% of them had links  with organized crime facts. Another figure that stands in 2013, are  increased arrests of women for their involvement in murder, which is clearly  seen in Tijuana. In 2012, until May, had stopped only a woman,  while so far this year add up to 7 arrests of females, which means a significant  increase in women related with murders in Tijuana. arrests occurred  in the months of January, February, and April, two in each of them, and one in  May. ‘s ODST announced that most murders are still being  investigated so the percentage of women killed by having relationship with drugs  could increase at the end of the year.




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