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Found dismembered body of a young man in Veracruz

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June 19, 2013

Chacaltianguis, Veracruz. –  On State Road Chacaltianguis-Cedral, a few meters from the highway  Cosamaloapan-City Island, was found the severed body of a boy, so avocaron  ministerial authorities to investigate the case.

Authorities said the deceased was  identified as David Pérez Flores, 19 years old, whose humanity was found smashed  on the road mentioned above. According to witnesses, the late  traveling on a motorcycle. And revealed that towards the  municipality of Chacaltianguis when, allegedly, had an accident that snatched  the life, not knowing if it was a bad car or driving maneuver which resulted in  his death.
It was achieved after the expert witness report,  that the unfortunate young man inebriated driving, because that could have  caused the accident. Due to this fact, the officer and staff  Veracruz Investigations Agency (AVI) initiated a preliminary investigation .


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