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Bar Heaven Mass Kidnapping Audio: Witness Account Translated

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June 9, 2013



The following is the translation of a recorded testimony given by a witness who was a patron at  the Bar Heaven, when 12 people were taken in a mass kidnapping in Tepito on May 26th.
This was difficult to transcribe I welcome any corrections that are relevant to the witness account.
Recording I
“This is the complete truth…”
“We were sitting down, then the manager; El Polo arrived and told us that an operative was going to come because the owner of the Black was hit, so we were all thrown out…”
“My friend and I were the last ones to get out …”
“They were going out of the door of the Heaven (bar), they were trying to exit and that’s when the convoy arrived…”
“I never saw anybody, I was inside and when it arrived, my friend closed the door and we were the ones that managed to get out through the roof terrace”
“The police need to find the manager of the Heaven, he is called El Polo”
Recording II
“At one point in time  I saw the entire ruckus and I started to run inside.…
This is not an operative; there is no need to enter with guns”
“I was with Gabriela (Reyes Martinez) and with the ones at the other table…”
“Then they were doing an operative and one by one they were  going out but I was the last one because I was saying goodbye to all my friends and that’s when it started…”
“So when I got out I didn’t see Polo (manager) at the front entrance of the bar Heaven.”
“I didn’t see him anymore…”  “Josue and his brother were taken, they were with the blonde girl wearing a blue dress, I don’t know if they took her too because I think they were searching for her.”
“We were told that an operative was going to take effect, so we were exiting one by one, the music was turned off and we were going out one by one (inaudible)”
“Outside Heaven, I saw the disturbance…”
“Honestly, I was very bad, I saw what was happening and I got scared and since my buddy ran out I did the same thing. We were hiding for an hour and when everything ended, we went inside the bar but it was already closed, so we had to climb through the back (terrace)…”
“The manager should be located (contacted), he is responsible for all this! He must have something and probably it was he was who sent them (the convoy), he said: go out! I’ll make you pay…” (This is confusing)
“We were the only ones there, the last ones; and there were some guys that were able to get out when they announced that they were going to close”
“They even took themselves some beer, they were the first ones to go out but we were paying for the bottle”
“My buddy was the one who used to talk with the manager but he doesn’t answer the phone calls anymore”
“I’m going to tell you something: Did you know that one at the bar Black who was killed?
“I think it was the manager of Heaven who did it, because he had gone to find  us when we managed to get out”
“My buddy called him when all of this happened and he told him: Now what Polo? don’t fuck with me, what is all that fucking shit about? what about my friends?”
“He says: No bro, I don’t know, I don’t know- kill them- kill them all.. And my friend asked: what do you mean kill them all?”
“I don’t know who did it and then he hung up and I didn’t know of anything else…”
“And he also told me that he was the one that killed the guy from the Black (bar)”
“All I know is that he is called Polo, he is a short guy, he always wears suits, and he has hair with  a lot of gel”
“He is a short guy that uses suits… He is dark skinned, short, always uses suits and he was always in the bar Heaven and everybody knows him…”

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