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CDG, dismember and dissolve 5 ZETAS, including 2 naked women, “Easter Gift “

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April 3, 2013


BLOODY VIDEO: Gift for Part ZETAS CDG, dismembered and dissolved to 5 people presents a video of the execution of 5 people including 2 in the video show to be belonging to organized crime Mante (Zetas) and were arrested by the local cartel González (CDG).

Being executed video so surely recent was last week, in the video can be seen 3 men and 2 women who are interrogated and then executed executed.

Video is too violent, However after considerations to think at least one image can be displayed and is evidence of the practice of so-called organized crime “kitchens”, where criminals go away any trace of those executed by acid medium or until cooked carbonizarlos remains. This cooking process is implemented by the two posters in all places (cities) stated that in South narcocampamentos Gonzalez, the Altamira prison, like the narcocampamentos Llera and Xicotencat pits or Vallehermoso, or Nuevo Laredo incinerators are just some of the examples of this widespread practice. This video is one of a series of videos each perform criminal groups to send messages prior to this video the Zetas had executed Gonzalez 2 inhabitants of users indicate that there is no record of criminal participation, and one in the video, but at the time of the recording does not do anything, it is observed which is the smallest of the 3, and therefore really hope you have not been hurt. Conflict between CDG and Zetas Gonzalez Mante has been one of the most violent, to the point that in 2010 and 2011 there were moments where it was required to enter Mante show identifcation and if the person was from Gonzalez prevented access. In response, Gonzalez CDG applied similar restrictions Mante businesses and shops that provided services in this municipality. since then raids groups have been constant, especially in the area of Temporalera Gonzalez Mante and which includes Southern suburbs of the municipality. Constantly gaps are executed in Mante Gonzalez or groups of people executed in vehicles. On many occasions, most publications are generated from cities, but areas with smaller populations, have come to suffer and continue to suffer violence that ignore ignorance what happens in these areas. Please share it. Thank you. 

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