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Four females are interrogated and ultimately decapitated and dismembered alive

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 June 4, 2013
Mundo Narco or Blog del Narco uploaded a video where four females are interrogated and; ultimately decapitated and dismembered alive. All four are kneeling, three are exposed breast from the top and their hands are tied behind their backs. There is a suggestion by Mundo Narco that one of the females (the woman on the right) is “La guera loca” or “Comandante Wera,” or “comandante blondie,” of the Gulf cartel or CDG.

“Comandante Guera” of Altamira yes or no? Some say the sicaria on the right might be another person from CDS.
In the video she admits to being comandante guera and gives her name as Yesenia Pacheco Rodríguez. The young girl on the left says she is the niece of José Guadalupe López “El Ostión” or “Oyster.” The older lady, second to left, says that she is sister in law of “Ostion.” They describe themselves as “Halcones” (lookouts) for CDG. They also talk about working with “Comandante Gallo” boss leader of Altamira who might have already been killed.
His head was displayed on a video that was uploaded on Youtube.

There has been some doubt that this might be “Commandante Guera,” as there is a rumor that she had already been killed previously.
Someone from the BB Forum (Tamaulipeco Mexikano) posted that “Valor por Tamaulipas” reported the abduction of “La Comandante Borrada” of Altamira and her dismembered body was left in Altamira along with other victims. It is possible that this “Comandante Guera” might be another person as that of the infamous “Wera Loka.”
There have been other low level bosses that have come up from time to time with the name of “Guera.” To mind comes the case of the Zeta that was captured attempting to heat up a plaza controlled by the CDG. There was an execution video in 2010 of a zeta by the name of David Rivera Álvarez, Zeta 43, plaza boss of Tenosique, Tabasco. His eyes are covered with tape and  is asked who is his boss, and he responds: La Comandante “Güera” Liliana, alias “La Puma.” So the possibility of two different people in this case is very possible.
“La Wera Loka” supposedly decapitated a Zetas in 2011 on video that was particular gruesome, they are seen peeling the skin of the face of the victim. If this is “Comandante Wera Loka” this is another blow to CDG that had been gaining strength but in the last couple months the violence seems to have escalated, although we don’t see a lot reported by the Mexican media and certainly not the Mexican government.
There were two other videos posted by Mundo Narco where CDG decapitates a young teenager of 15 years of age and a girl of 17 years of age, both admit working for Los Zetas.

This is the profile of La Guera Loca of the CDG

  • Originally from Mazatlan, Sinaloa.
  • Active members of the CDG where she held the title “commander.”
  • Started as an “Halcon” and rose up the ranks to commander.
  • Worked under Tony Tormenta and M3
  • In November of 2011 she participated in a confrontation with the Mexican Marines in San Fernando.
  • Known to have participated in a confrontation with Los Zetas in Reynosa.
We are posting the video for news worthiness, but be warned, video is extremely graphic showing decapitation and dismembering of bodies (click below).

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