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Brutal video where the Gulf Cartel angrily behead a child of the Zetas

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June 4, 2013


Tampico – it seems that in response  to the execution of 4 women by Z Mante, Tampico CDG implementation responds with  a 15-year-old from Honduras, who identifies as a member of the Zetas cartel. In This video demonstrates that violence not uploaded says  absolutely nothing like Enrique Peña Nieto  shares in twitter , facebook and other sites to make it look that  insecurity is not resolved, and is not going to solve hiding information and the  reality of our country .

Brutal video where the Gulf  Cartel angrily behead a child of the  Zetas
  Enrique Peña Nieto national media censorship  but we do not, you can delete the video 100 000 kiss we turn and climb all the  fault of corruption click PRI and all  governments. That the media is censored by the government, and make  believe that nothing happens in Mexico, is another matter. This is the true side of what is hidden in  Mexico . Integro Text: “Ke assholes big people come wercos not send shit , Att  Tarts have eggs. El Cartel Del Golfo Group W Group J Group Dragons.  “

This video was resivido via our  e


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